The Li'l Poet

The real ace

In between the dark

I continued with my pace ,

Unknown of the intentions

Hoping for the best 

I continued my race,

And finally got a look of the dawn 

Only to get astray

Removing the dark 

With the smile on its side 

Came the life ,

I greeted it with a smile 

And life played its ace 

In the middle of the light 

And turned it into a cry 

What a cruel fate!!

In the extreme light 

Met my worst night 

My worst night-mare

Forced by the life

I too played my ace 

But got betrayed by time

Since it was not an ace 

It was a clown 

It was a joker 

Making other laugh

Only on my face ,

Hearing the life 

Laughing on my face

And with nothing to loose 

Finally stepped in 

Wearing the outfit of an ace 

Hiding from the world

Known as a joke 

A smiling little clown

And now 

I will laugh 

On the whole world 

Making it bow down

Since now life is standing on my side 

Here on my powerful

Victory sleigh !!!

Jocker played its ace 

To find another jocker ?

No ,

but only to know its true worth 

Only To find himself 

Only to become the ace 

Who is the joker?

I am the joker 

Hiding in an outfit of joker 

Tested by the life 

And moulded into an fearless ace 

Time turned ace into joker 

Only to show the world 

The clown ,the joker 

Are not his real name 

Only to show the world 


Well,I am THE REAL ACE!!


It’s all about that ATTITUDE

I know my ability
I know I can
But just indulging in the things
Which don’t even make any sense
But I have realised my fault
I have realised
I am on fault
And now I am ready for the clarity
I used to run from this
But no more
I can do anything for that victory

Before the bowl was full
And now even after pouring enough
The bowl is still empty
Seems like there is a hole
Truth is I am
Lacking confidence
No matter how many
Seeds I sow
Conquering the world
Is not a big problem
But what if
Chariot is stuck
But now
No more dependence on chariot now I will walk
As I know now
It’s all a play
Between me and my brain

There is a simple rule of life
Have the best in yourself
With you always
So that the wisdom shines back so that before you win
You actually win
And the second one
Is to apply the first
It’s not about a single victory
It’s about that big single victory
It’s all very simple
And we know it
To really achieve something
We need to really achieve it in our mind
It’s all about that one single seed
That one single seed
Known as attitude
Many of us
Were familiar with this
And remaining are familiar now
But the question is
Apart from me
Who is ready to develop it?
Afterall we know
It’s all about that

The Best Life

In the middle of it
Again and again the same questions
Why am I doing this?
Who am I?
What is the meaning of all this?
I have completed
My tenure of life
And I can say
I have lived my whole life
I couldn’t find a single reason
But I found multiple reasons
Finally understood
What is this falling and rising stuff
Falling takes away your joy
It’s difficult to be happy
When you are drowned deep in the river
But you still have some scope
When you are floating upon the river
You have to rise
Not to be back into the race
But for the sake of your enjoyment
‘life is a race ‘
This line often used to hit me hard
But this one lack truth
Life was never a race
And it will never be one
It’s just that these are the words
Of the eyes
Blind even with light
‘life is a journey
And will remain a journey always ‘
Sometimes we need motivation
We question everything
We even question our existence
But you know what
Humans are the luckiest creatures
They got a long journey
Not to run
Not to loose
Not to fall
But to enjoy
Milestones may not make us happy
But failure would surely snatch away some
Our to do list is long
But in the end we live to enjoy
We have to be best
Not to prove others
But to snatch more happiness from life
Afterall our goal is to be happy
Who said we are exposing ourselves
We are just trying to create some happiness
People often say
‘I shouldn’t have worked all my life’
Learn from there mistakes
So that when you die
People will say
‘we both have money
But I worked
And he enjoyed ‘
If you still want to in a race
Than be in the race to be happy
This is what
THE BEST LIFE looks like
When you lack motivation
Use this
To shoot you back to your
Lost life

TwiSted perSpective

Well if I get a ticket of roller coaster
I would surely have a ride of it
Full of ups and downs Scare me to hell
Full of excitement Make me scream loud
Well I am in love with it And the best thing
I have to pay only once And have fun till
The ride ends But it seems like
Some forgot that This is merely a
Ride in roller coaster And some being in
Roller coaster are still Paying price for it

Whatever we say about creator
But he is very colourful
He thinks so we enjoy
He creates so we enjoy
He created the rain
Though it is colourless
But it makes Our life colourful
But I feel he is Kind of partial
He gave us brain And we use it
Not to enjoy it’s creations
But protecting ourselves From them
In this case Every non-living being
Every tree is lucky Atleast they are not
PROTECTING themselves from

There is something In common between
Rain and problems
When you are standing still And simply living
Than you enjoy Every bit of rain
And you love it
It is not merely rain of water
But it is also Rain of joy
Rain of charm Rain of love
Rain of life And when you are
In a hurry
Hurry for something
With great speed
As if you are on a vehicle
Than it isn’t rain of charm
But it Resembles to
Rain of Pointed darts
And it is surely the rain
Which will make you hate
The lovely rain
Though it’s the same water
But with different PERSPECTIVE

Well how can be some people so  serious
Maybe some have taken Life so seriously
That now they are glued with Seriousness
Taking life seriously means
Not to be serious everytime But to enjoy
Every bit of the time
There is just one life to live
There is no time To wait
There is no time To waste
There is no time To think
Infact you really don’t know
How much time you have
But before the end comes

Eyes are same Images are same
But still For some they are hurdles
And for some it is the end
For some it’s a challenge
And for some it’s a nightmare
Some see in it love Some see in it life
You can fool me But the point is
Can you fool yourself?
Or just

-Jay Soni

Why is It

Why is it?
We work damn hard
Don’t discriminate between
Day and night
Always there comes a BUT

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People breath
But no more for us
Because people change everyday
Because people die everyday

Everything we do
Is just to please a body
With no soul
We say it’s my passion
But it is just an illusion

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There is always a fight
Going on between
My mind and my body
my heart no more exists

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Never feel bad when someone
Says you are nothing
As it is a moment of pride
Accept it as a compliment
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Living the Life

I am often confused
Am I a human
Or a machine
Continuously in a race

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Familiar Strangers

Sometimes we just look

In the water of past

But we don’t realise

We are always half

Sometimes we look

At the past

And try to recall every moment

Of that

Of that golden moment

Whether it was our friends

Or our beloved
We strive day and night

To have a glimpse

We strive everyday

So that the present

The present becomes the past

But nothing changes
Though one of us

Remains the same

But the other one changes

We live the present

As if it was the past

But it’s sad

The world

The world changes

We peek, we contemplate

No more

No more as companions

But as strangers
In this beautiful world

In this populated world

the worst thing is

Before THEY and I were us

And now we are nothing

Nothing more Than STRANGERS
Though in this vast world

There are strangers

But the good thing is

All these are


All these are

~ Jay Soni