The Incomplete Love

The Journey started
I have taken it as a timepass
But you were damn serious
And now when it ended
For you
It’s just like that
Tree sheded its leaves
But for me
With those leaves
My life has also gone
Leaving my tree dead
I know that time
Would never come back
But you can
You can come back
The time has passed
But you never passed
You are still
In my heart

I wanted to steal your
Whole heart
But I want you to be alive
In this real world
I want you to be alive
In me also
Maybe that’s why
I have stolen only
A piece of your heart
So that one day
You will return
And till you return
I will be indebt
I will return you that piece
With interest
My Never ending love

One day I will find you
I am leaving my
Unconquered destination
In search of the heaven
Your love is strange
But without you
Even the destination
Is not destined for me
I will meet you in that heaven
That day the puzzle of
Your heart will complete
I cannot live here with so
Much of your debt
So I am leaving
But with that debt
But With a hope
To get a chance
To pay your debt
If you come

I have read all those
Inspiring stories
But my real inspiration is you
Though we are not near
But I know you
There is a picture of yours
In my heart
But I am not able to see it
But one day I know
The one in the picture
Will cross my heart’s path
And that day
Maybe you will be gone
But you will come back
In search of
your Piece
Our piece
Our piece of HEART

I want to say only one thing
‘ in this life
You will find me
At every road
At every path
And if you recognise me
We will be complete that day
Or else
Next day I will still arrive
On your road
On your path
With the dream of recognition
As one day
You will feel the emptiness
You will feel your body empty
As your soul will be missing
As you will be INCOMPLETE
Without me
Without you ‘
-jay soni