The Li'l Poet

Month: July, 2015

Pioneer of Selfless Love

I was wondering
Is really anyone
Anyone protecting us?
Do god really exists?
Who will save us
From death?
Who will protect me
From nature’s vengeance?
Can I whole heartedly
Enjoy all the festivals?
When the sun will appear
When the dawn will be there
Will I be there to see it?

Than I heard a voice
“can’t say anything
About your questions
But I am there
On the border
And till I am
You are safe ”

Who says god is not there
Let me ask them one question
So who are they
Guarding on border?
I am sure
They are not human
As Human is selfish
They are something
More than human
More than human can ever be

Every new day I require
Some new motivation
I am not able To understand
Of which sand they are made
We only say
I love my country
In pledge
But they  do
love their country
I am not able to understand
How a human is able to
love  so selflessly
I have just heard stories
That selfless love exists
And they are the
Living examples
Surely they are not human
Even a coin cannot show
Same face
So how can a human
Surely they are not human
They are something
More than human

They are never off duty
Infact because of them
Every morning
We are able to go on duty

Who loves a job
In which tomorrow
Will return to job alive
Is not even sure
But it’s not their job
It is there life
They live for it
I use to think
Somethings are only fictional
Somethings are only our fantasy
But today my view has changed ‘superheroes do exist’

You still think they have heart
Made of stones
My friend I believe
They don’t have heart made of stones
But they have piece of God’s heart
But they have real heart
Infact they  only are the ones
Who have a heart
As We all possess
A blood pumping machine

We just keep on saying
We want peace
We want to do selfless work
We want to stop terrorism
We want to do something
For our country
But the thing is
We are also nothing more
Than a politician
We say
And that’s the only thing we do
Though many of us
Have enough strength
Have enough muscles
Have enough intelligence
But in the end
We live like politician
They are the only ones
Who come forward
And fight
Fight for peace
Fight for justice
Thank god
We all are not same

I know many love stories
But when it comes to the story
Of a soldier and his country
Of a police and his country
Even I get a strong urge
To write one
To be a part of one
They are the richest people alive
As they have
Neverending love for country
Neverending respect for country
And we have
Neverending respect for them
Neverending love for them

I can only say one thing
‘because of you
We are
Because of you
We live
And till you are
We are
Or else it will be
Are we?
Or else it will be
Are we? ‘


My Best Memory

I am living in present
Working for future
But I am truly happy
When I see my past
It was damn beautiful

Since the time
We first met
To the time
You waved me bye
You waved me goodbye
I think god was jealous
Jealous of my fortune
I never thought
The one who grants
Everyone their wish
Will ask me
To grant a wish
I am not more than a devil
But even devil has got heart
But this time
Even devil showed his good side
I wish I never had good in me
But it’s all your fault
You with your love
Has grown a tree
Even in between weeds
But I never knew
Tree will lead to this
I was happy with weeds
As they could only
Make my eyes cry
But now
In every second
In my every breathe
I can hear
Someone mourning
my eyes are not crying
how can I expect
Them to cry
As the soul reason
For whom they use to blink
Is no more
But eyes are not the only
Medium to cry
Infact it’s the only medium
To show
I am crying

Whenever I open my eyes
I can see everything
But not you
I feel alone
As you are not with me
And even the world moved on
And my best companion time
He never stopped
He also moved on

I am grateful
Though you are not here
But atleast
I am having your picture
I can see
My life
And I can also see
My life is no more

Everything is working perfectly
But I wonder
Why my heart is not betraying me?
I don’t care about him Anymore
But he cares for me
He knows
I have traded my life with god
He can also trade my life with me
He has  got the power
Which can bring me
One more time
Just infront of you
But still he never used it
Still he is working
Why don’t he takes a break
So that I can take
Permanent break from this
Little harmful world

Maybe he has got
Something good for me
With him
I thought
I will never open this book
But who knew that
He already opened the book
Book with same cover
But with different pages
Maybe it’s the time for
A fresh start
But with
The same book

True Love happens only once
True love happens only with one But It can certainly happen
Several times with that one
The castle can never be rebuilt
But a new castle can be built
From the same old sand
I can make a new fresh start
Infact not a fresh start
But a start in a
New fresh way

You left only my life
But not this world
Maybe I was wrong
My heart is using its power
Maybe that’s why
Here I am standing in front of you
Here I am standing in front of heaven
Asking how it looks…
Having a glitter of my love
Having glance of my life

Wise Ideology

There is one life to live
So if you spend it complaining
Than Certainly  one day will come
When you will complain
‘Why it started ? ‘
I know it’s very important
To taste atleast everything once
So why don’t we enjoy
Our whole life
And in end complain
‘why it ended? ‘
See even complains
Can be positive

Obstacles are strong
Not because of their strength
But because of their courage
As they are
Standing in front of you
As they are
Standing against you
They know their fate
But still they are standing
As they know
People are blind
They cannot see their own fate
Or else even we too would have courage
This is the only thing
Because of which
We don’t get
What we were destined to get
Because of which
We loose

Don’t loose faith
You will win
You will succeed
And if you think
There is no chance for
You to win
Than you’ll be a
You will unexpectedly win 😉
Sooner or later
Just don’t loose faith
A day will come
When seeing you in trouble
Even the heaven will be in tears
And will shower you with
Rain of God’s grace
It doesn’t matter
What you think about him
It doesn’t matter
If you don’t believe in him
But never loose faith in yourself
Believe in yourself
As he resides even within you
If you will believe in yourself
Even the path of thorns
Will show it’s true face
As in reality
It Is a path of roses with
Few thorns

If it’s night
If darkness has covered the sky
Not to worry
Soon every bit of darkness
Will be gone
All illusions will be gone
We feel moon is
Eternal source of light
As when the darkness
Will be gone than only
We will come forward to sun
Moon is beautiful
But sun is so beautiful
We can’t keep our head up
When he is up in sky

Everything you are feeling
Is true
Everything you are seeing
Is true
From your joy
To your emptiness
From your friends
To your foe
From your victory
To your defeat
But keep it in mind
Even truth is
Only half complete
If you think you are half dead
Than maybe you are still
Half alive
See truth is half incomplete

Only Motive Left

I have heard
Corruption is bad
Every third person is
But let me ask you onething
If anyone offers you
Large amount of money
Would you be able to say no
Practically you can’t 
Situation of every person
Is worst in every aspect
So one has to be corrupt
You would have heard
‘people are not bad
Only situations are bad ‘

Saying that
Corruption should be opposed
Is damn easy
Its just like saying that
‘We should stop each and every war ‘
But practically
You know the answer

So what’s the actual problem
In today’s world
Money Is valued more
More than human
Money weighs more
Even if on the opposite side
We all are standing alltogether
I use to think
We run the world
But fact is
World is run by money
We are just mere objects
Money is the supreme power
That’s why
It’s desire of power
which lead each one
To the wrong road
To the wrong path

Today everyone is
Victim of inflation
Though everyone is smiling
But fact is
Everyone is struggling
Struggling for surviving
Life truly is struggle
And you also know
For survival
Everything is fair
So it means
Corruption is fair, isn’t it?

The truth is corruption isn’t fair
Why would you give
Some additional
result of your struggle
If you are paying
The fair price
So I think the
Unending desire has now
Taken the face of demon
Who knew
Even desire could
Be dangerous
Who said desire is not powerful
See the abstract things are
More than me
Even more than you
Seems like we require oxygen
And somethings require us
Living beings are
Source of life
Source for non-living beings

I just tried to argue on this
And reply was
‘the world runs like this only’
If you want to live than
You have to…
You have to….
I can survive
But what about
our younger ones, can they?
I know in future
One day will arrive
When you will say
‘i wish I stopped it
I wish I never did it
So that atleast
I can see in their eyes directly
With pride
So that my younger ones
Never became victim
Of my deeds
So that if I raise finger
It doesn’t seem like
I have raised finger against me
I wish…’

Everyone is having their dark secret
You will know it as you go close to them
But leaving them is not solution
Infact making them leave it
Is the solution
I know corruption is bad
I know its roots are
Entangled in our life
Even the strongest tree will die
Even you will die
So how corruption can live

To the one saying
World works this way
I want to say
World never work this way
Only we work this way

This is a fight
Where no one has to
Raise their voice
Where no one has to
Come forward
Everyone just have to
Play their role
This is a fight
Where no one has to
Do anything
Except one
Everyone has to think
Is life all about money?
If my life is miserable
Am I  going to make
others Life the same?
How far I will lead my life
With money
Money of others?
So I came down to
Make money
Or to live life in right way?
What about all the teachings
They failed me or
I failed them?
And lastly
As I was growing
Something was dying
So it means
Human died many years ago
The thing which exists is
Desire for money
The thing which exist is
Money making machine
Isn’t it?
Isn’t it true?

I wish
I could say truth
But the thing is
Even truth is dead
   -Jay Soni

A Glimpse Of Life

You might be missing
The days when you were
The owner of others smile
When your smile was the
Greatest cure ever discovered
When you unknowingly smiled
And brought back people from the Black holes of their life
If I would have been BILL GATES
Would have exchanged all my wealth
For those cute days
but let me tell you onething
The journey ends
Where it starts
So you know the starting
Maybe now you may not
Like to miss the ending

I use to think
How to start living truly?
After thousand blinks
I realised
The moment this question struck me
Was the moment from which
I already started living
And please
Please leave the remaining
On universe
Don’t make it

You know in f1 race
Though The car stops
It still wins
This is your answer to
“World never stops ”
Everyone has to stop for
Repairing maybe
In our case

And Whenever death steps on
Your door just say
“come with appointment dear ”
And if you know
You can CANCEL your appointments

In the end I would like
To say only one thing
Uh oh!
Maybe I have given you the
             -Jay soni

Present Is All You Have

Don’t you think you just
Live half of your life
As remaining part is lived by

But there’s nothing
Nothing like past
Nothing like future
It’s all present
And it’s all a present
It’s all a journey
Past is the beginning
Future is the end
But nothing of them matters

Everyone start by
Waking up from sleep
Everyone end by
Going back to sleep
But the thing in between
Is the thing which matters
In between is present
And indeed is a present

Your past may be dark
Dark to make everything vague
And your future will be bright
Bright even to take your eyes
But the present is a present
Wearing goggles
With a torch
Even your day starts with a
As everyday you open the two presents

For some present is  merely
A sideffect of their past
But no matter what happens
You have to make it a
So that your future is not
Sideffect of  present
But it is a sideffect of a PRESENT

Everyone is waiting for the end
And the end is coming
But something is going
Live that something
Don’t make it nothing
Because in that something
Lies the seed of everything

Don’t waste time in reading this
As that something is going
                    -Jay soni

A New Beginning

We are very much serious
About our goal
But it’s all in vain
Infact we need to be normal
When we are serious
We only replay the same CD
The same dialogue
But soon the seriousness
Fades away
As the sunshine fades away
From the sky
And we are again
In the same darkness
In the same whirlpool
In seriousness
only pressure increases
But when we are normal
Our love for the goal increases
And nobody likes to betray
Their love
And that’s it
We work hard
To achieve our goal
To achieve our love

There is no need for
You to worry and
Make efforts for solving things
As every particle in sand clock
Will soon pass away
I don’t know
Are you destined for it or not
But I know one thing
Every particle is destined to
Pass away once
I don’t know about your emptiness
But I know one thing
Emptiness will be there always
But choice is yours
Whether to keep empty
The part full of problems
Or to keep empty
The part full of joy
As clock can be turned
Upside down
Hey wait
I mean sand clock
Not wall clock 😉
And as the particles
Start passing away
Things become clear
And clear

Fear said
‘wherever you will go
I will follow you always ‘
Well I smiled and replied
‘i love all my followers
go get in the queue
And wait for my
Just behind success ‘
That’s called attitude
Have this kind of attitude
Let your attitude speak
Not about you
But for you
As sometimes
Attitude is enough
For you to win

‘It is light which decides
The entry and exit of darkness
In no second darkness
Can be killed
By the light
Darkness is never
He is merely
So try to make your deeds
As strong as light
I know
Everyone has a dark past
But past passed away
Just Let your deeds
Remove the dark curtain
Don’t remember the past much
Just pray for him
That he rests in peace
As he is no more
And remember darkness
And dark deeds will
Meet the same fate
So try and make

I must say it requires talent
To waste precious time
In worthless things
Hope you don’t have this kind
Of talent
Just like me 😉
-Jay Soni

God’s Gifts

I wonder
Why I am having these eyes
He should have given to
Someone who deserves these
More than me
Even without eyes
They are able to see
Beauty of life
Nature’s smile
They have attained the
Privilege of God’s guidance
And  with eyes
I am able to see something
And that is nothing
I wonder if they had eyes
Their life could become
More inspiring
More worthy
For the whole world
I fear darkness
But they proved me onething
‘even darkness can be your
Best friend ‘
even the one
Without eyes would
Describe more beauty
Infact they can see
More beauty in life
Than the one with eyes

I wonder
In place of me
Hearing ability was given
To some other deserving person
Even with ears
I am unable to hear
The voice of my life
I am unable to hear
The nature’s voice
My god’s voice
And they are able to hear
Their life’s calling
They are able to hear
Nature’s voice that
“I am with you always ”
Even with ears
I have never heard this
Maybe they have realised
Hearing world’s voice
Is of no use
Hearing heart’s voice
Is of  more use
I am searching for the
Eternal peace
Eternal silence
And some lucky people
Are born with it

I wish
I was born silent
I wish some other person
Could speak on my place
Even though he is silent
His smile speaks everything
In fact the smile which
He is carrying
Even god can’t grant us
Spending the whole day
With only two words
Yes and no
Which are spoken
Not by them
but by their neck
Do you want to try this?
I bet you won’t
But They are lucky
People say to listen more
And speak less
And they are born with this
It is tough to let all your
Emotions kill you inside
It is even worst
That the talent dies
Without even opening his mouth
But that is how the world works but the thing is
World is not so bad
If you remember
They are born with that

Well I feel good
Atleast he cannot take
My ability to breathe
Breathe the astounding beauty
As he can only take my life
He has to kill me for this
But every father loves
His children

The thing is
There are some
Who are born as champions
Who are born superior
And I mean it
They are superior
Their power is enormous
As only the tough guy
Gets the tough thing
Whenever I see them
I see them truly living
And when I see others
Others are only lying
I have heard
“if you can’t do anything
Than don’t show sympathy
If you can’t do anything
Your sympathy is of no use
You are of no use “
I don’t know about my sympathy
But I want to say one thing
I wish my life could become
Worthy to three other
More deserving people
I salute them
Not for their misery
But for their bravery
See even the incomplete
Is more brave than the
-Jay Soni

My Heaven Never Arrived

I am happy
Well I lie too much
In this world
Without you
May or may not make difference
But I am incomplete
Without you
My world is awesome
I am having everything
But my world is incomplete
Without you

I don’t want to make
You feel
I am unhappy
But I want to make
You feel
I am truly missing you
Though we were never together
Maybe you have crossed
My path
Maybe you smiled
Maybe we smiled
When the pearls had
Look of other pearls
Maybe the magic of it
The world has already felt
But I am just a normal human
Unable to feel the magic
Maybe the sunshine
Maybe the rain
Maybe the air
Maybe the beauty of moon
Is the magic which
I am seeking
Maybe they have some
Lovely message for me
But the thing is
I am unable to understand it
But I know
The message will be beautiful
As the intermediators
Are too beautiful
But my friend
I can’t even describe
How beautiful is the

I remember those golden moments
That moment when I saw you for the first time
Felt a kind of tremor in my life
That moment when we had first eye contact
Had a glance of most beautiful pearls of my life
That moment when you smiled for the first time
Had a feeling million balloons bursting inside
I can go on explaining every moment
But one thing I want you to know
Whenever I see you
I can witness one thing
My world is indeed

Well I can live without you
Infact I will live without you
But could you?
The world is incomplete here
The world is incomplete
Even there
But I can’t hear your voice
Maybe you haven’t spoken
But if you are listening
My voice
I want to say one thing
Arrive not for me
But for this world
As I am sure once
you come in my life
I will fill this colourless world
With colours
With magical colours
Maybe I have enormous power
To change your world
To change our world
But for that
You have to come
You have to arrive
it would never be too late
As wherever I will go
I will be always

I fear one thing
Whenever I will die
God will ask me onething
How was it living with the heaven on earth
And I don’t want to say
“don’t know about living
But the leaving was painful
As she never arrived
But the wait is not over ”
-Jay Soni

Negativity To Victory

I never intend to add
Negativity in this world
I know the world
Has enough of it
But you cannot remove it
As with it
Half of this world
Half of you
Half of me
Will die
But it didn’t seem good
As negativity was
Never the problem
But giving it birth
Living with it
Nurturing it
Dying with it
Is the real problem
If you cannot stop it
At first stage
It’s ok but don’t
Let it go forward
As someone said it correctly
“only one can win
Either you or your negativity ”

Wherever you see light
Go that way
As it will be the best for you
And if you are able to
See a way
It’s all because of light
So every road
Who is wearing the
Beautiful blanket of light
Is the road where
You will have SOUND SLEEP

These words are
Kind of savior
“You can make me fall down
But you cannot stop me
Till I fall from a mountain
Till all my bones are broken
I won’t stop
I won’t STOP ”
Well you too now have

In your life
Don’t feel bad
When you loose
Every people intend to win
But for victory
Some may loose
But you know
It is ok
It is really ok
As in a day
You have got 1440 Minutes
In a SINGLE day
For some this maybe
1440 chances for failure
But for me these are
1440 chances for victory
As failure is never considered
Are considered
Failure is considered
Only after you win
So that you may leave a clue
For others that
“you may fail several times
But you will never fail
To achieve success

-Jay Soni