The Peaceful Solution

by jaysoni2895

With every good work
We start to place bricks
In heaven
And with bad work
We destroy the placed brick
In this way we
Though remaining at earth
Create a home
In heaven’s heart
That’s why we say
Your deeds are building blocks
Ah! So much conscious of future
Typical human being
Well It seems I have placed
Half brick
Hope you are my neighbour

Never let other’s frustration
Loose your calmness
One of the less mastered lesson
In the school of life
They may be frustrated
But it is their choice
It isn’t yours
Remember when we were kids
Teacher use to shout At us
But we use to stand
And laugh
And use to love
Even the worst
See! Everything is our choice

whenever the word HARD arrives
Even the one with wings
Thinks that he can’t fly
But have you ever wondered
When we separate the
Every alphabet
Word HARD can be said dead
It’s only when
He is alive
So if you try and even
And remove even a single alphabet
Than you will see
The magic
You will say
“it is har to crack or maybe
It is ard to crack “
And see it will make no sense
The line which could destroy
The riser
Is now nothing
You see Nothing!
You just have to
Make effort
As this can be the best murder
With no jail

He says
I Require  hardwork
But he never said
I am not achievable
In fact he left a clue
That though it is hard
But he is achievable
If you truly desire
Than you will work
Or else go to next shop
For some easy tips
And soon you will fade away
Along with your desire
Slowly.. Slowly…
And then
The history will remember
A person
Who had the key
But feared the journey
And became
Victim of fear
No doubt
you will be remembered
But as a person
To never be like!