My Heaven Never Arrived

by jaysoni2895

I am happy
Well I lie too much
In this world
Without you
May or may not make difference
But I am incomplete
Without you
My world is awesome
I am having everything
But my world is incomplete
Without you

I don’t want to make
You feel
I am unhappy
But I want to make
You feel
I am truly missing you
Though we were never together
Maybe you have crossed
My path
Maybe you smiled
Maybe we smiled
When the pearls had
Look of other pearls
Maybe the magic of it
The world has already felt
But I am just a normal human
Unable to feel the magic
Maybe the sunshine
Maybe the rain
Maybe the air
Maybe the beauty of moon
Is the magic which
I am seeking
Maybe they have some
Lovely message for me
But the thing is
I am unable to understand it
But I know
The message will be beautiful
As the intermediators
Are too beautiful
But my friend
I can’t even describe
How beautiful is the

I remember those golden moments
That moment when I saw you for the first time
Felt a kind of tremor in my life
That moment when we had first eye contact
Had a glance of most beautiful pearls of my life
That moment when you smiled for the first time
Had a feeling million balloons bursting inside
I can go on explaining every moment
But one thing I want you to know
Whenever I see you
I can witness one thing
My world is indeed

Well I can live without you
Infact I will live without you
But could you?
The world is incomplete here
The world is incomplete
Even there
But I can’t hear your voice
Maybe you haven’t spoken
But if you are listening
My voice
I want to say one thing
Arrive not for me
But for this world
As I am sure once
you come in my life
I will fill this colourless world
With colours
With magical colours
Maybe I have enormous power
To change your world
To change our world
But for that
You have to come
You have to arrive
it would never be too late
As wherever I will go
I will be always

I fear one thing
Whenever I will die
God will ask me onething
How was it living with the heaven on earth
And I don’t want to say
“don’t know about living
But the leaving was painful
As she never arrived
But the wait is not over ”
-Jay Soni