God’s Gifts

by jaysoni2895

I wonder
Why I am having these eyes
He should have given to
Someone who deserves these
More than me
Even without eyes
They are able to see
Beauty of life
Nature’s smile
They have attained the
Privilege of God’s guidance
And  with eyes
I am able to see something
And that is nothing
I wonder if they had eyes
Their life could become
More inspiring
More worthy
For the whole world
I fear darkness
But they proved me onething
‘even darkness can be your
Best friend ‘
even the one
Without eyes would
Describe more beauty
Infact they can see
More beauty in life
Than the one with eyes

I wonder
In place of me
Hearing ability was given
To some other deserving person
Even with ears
I am unable to hear
The voice of my life
I am unable to hear
The nature’s voice
My god’s voice
And they are able to hear
Their life’s calling
They are able to hear
Nature’s voice that
“I am with you always ”
Even with ears
I have never heard this
Maybe they have realised
Hearing world’s voice
Is of no use
Hearing heart’s voice
Is of  more use
I am searching for the
Eternal peace
Eternal silence
And some lucky people
Are born with it

I wish
I was born silent
I wish some other person
Could speak on my place
Even though he is silent
His smile speaks everything
In fact the smile which
He is carrying
Even god can’t grant us
Spending the whole day
With only two words
Yes and no
Which are spoken
Not by them
but by their neck
Do you want to try this?
I bet you won’t
But They are lucky
People say to listen more
And speak less
And they are born with this
It is tough to let all your
Emotions kill you inside
It is even worst
That the talent dies
Without even opening his mouth
But that is how the world works but the thing is
World is not so bad
If you remember
They are born with that

Well I feel good
Atleast he cannot take
My ability to breathe
Breathe the astounding beauty
As he can only take my life
He has to kill me for this
But every father loves
His children

The thing is
There are some
Who are born as champions
Who are born superior
And I mean it
They are superior
Their power is enormous
As only the tough guy
Gets the tough thing
Whenever I see them
I see them truly living
And when I see others
Others are only lying
I have heard
“if you can’t do anything
Than don’t show sympathy
If you can’t do anything
Your sympathy is of no use
You are of no use “
I don’t know about my sympathy
But I want to say one thing
I wish my life could become
Worthy to three other
More deserving people
I salute them
Not for their misery
But for their bravery
See even the incomplete
Is more brave than the
-Jay Soni