A New Beginning

by jaysoni2895

We are very much serious
About our goal
But it’s all in vain
Infact we need to be normal
When we are serious
We only replay the same CD
The same dialogue
But soon the seriousness
Fades away
As the sunshine fades away
From the sky
And we are again
In the same darkness
In the same whirlpool
In seriousness
only pressure increases
But when we are normal
Our love for the goal increases
And nobody likes to betray
Their love
And that’s it
We work hard
To achieve our goal
To achieve our love

There is no need for
You to worry and
Make efforts for solving things
As every particle in sand clock
Will soon pass away
I don’t know
Are you destined for it or not
But I know one thing
Every particle is destined to
Pass away once
I don’t know about your emptiness
But I know one thing
Emptiness will be there always
But choice is yours
Whether to keep empty
The part full of problems
Or to keep empty
The part full of joy
As clock can be turned
Upside down
Hey wait
I mean sand clock
Not wall clock 😉
And as the particles
Start passing away
Things become clear
And clear

Fear said
‘wherever you will go
I will follow you always ‘
Well I smiled and replied
‘i love all my followers
go get in the queue
And wait for my
Just behind success ‘
That’s called attitude
Have this kind of attitude
Let your attitude speak
Not about you
But for you
As sometimes
Attitude is enough
For you to win

‘It is light which decides
The entry and exit of darkness
In no second darkness
Can be killed
By the light
Darkness is never
He is merely
So try to make your deeds
As strong as light
I know
Everyone has a dark past
But past passed away
Just Let your deeds
Remove the dark curtain
Don’t remember the past much
Just pray for him
That he rests in peace
As he is no more
And remember darkness
And dark deeds will
Meet the same fate
So try and make

I must say it requires talent
To waste precious time
In worthless things
Hope you don’t have this kind
Of talent
Just like me 😉
-Jay Soni