A Glimpse Of Life

by jaysoni2895

You might be missing
The days when you were
The owner of others smile
When your smile was the
Greatest cure ever discovered
When you unknowingly smiled
And brought back people from the Black holes of their life
If I would have been BILL GATES
Would have exchanged all my wealth
For those cute days
but let me tell you onething
The journey ends
Where it starts
So you know the starting
Maybe now you may not
Like to miss the ending

I use to think
How to start living truly?
After thousand blinks
I realised
The moment this question struck me
Was the moment from which
I already started living
And please
Please leave the remaining
On universe
Don’t make it

You know in f1 race
Though The car stops
It still wins
This is your answer to
“World never stops ”
Everyone has to stop for
Repairing maybe
In our case

And Whenever death steps on
Your door just say
“come with appointment dear ”
And if you know
You can CANCEL your appointments

In the end I would like
To say only one thing
Uh oh!
Maybe I have given you the
             -Jay soni