Present Is All You Have

by jaysoni2895

Don’t you think you just
Live half of your life
As remaining part is lived by

But there’s nothing
Nothing like past
Nothing like future
It’s all present
And it’s all a present
It’s all a journey
Past is the beginning
Future is the end
But nothing of them matters

Everyone start by
Waking up from sleep
Everyone end by
Going back to sleep
But the thing in between
Is the thing which matters
In between is present
And indeed is a present

Your past may be dark
Dark to make everything vague
And your future will be bright
Bright even to take your eyes
But the present is a present
Wearing goggles
With a torch
Even your day starts with a
As everyday you open the two presents

For some present is  merely
A sideffect of their past
But no matter what happens
You have to make it a
So that your future is not
Sideffect of  present
But it is a sideffect of a PRESENT

Everyone is waiting for the end
And the end is coming
But something is going
Live that something
Don’t make it nothing
Because in that something
Lies the seed of everything

Don’t waste time in reading this
As that something is going
                    -Jay soni