Only Motive Left

by jaysoni2895

I have heard
Corruption is bad
Every third person is
But let me ask you onething
If anyone offers you
Large amount of money
Would you be able to say no
Practically you can’t 
Situation of every person
Is worst in every aspect
So one has to be corrupt
You would have heard
‘people are not bad
Only situations are bad ‘

Saying that
Corruption should be opposed
Is damn easy
Its just like saying that
‘We should stop each and every war ‘
But practically
You know the answer

So what’s the actual problem
In today’s world
Money Is valued more
More than human
Money weighs more
Even if on the opposite side
We all are standing alltogether
I use to think
We run the world
But fact is
World is run by money
We are just mere objects
Money is the supreme power
That’s why
It’s desire of power
which lead each one
To the wrong road
To the wrong path

Today everyone is
Victim of inflation
Though everyone is smiling
But fact is
Everyone is struggling
Struggling for surviving
Life truly is struggle
And you also know
For survival
Everything is fair
So it means
Corruption is fair, isn’t it?

The truth is corruption isn’t fair
Why would you give
Some additional
result of your struggle
If you are paying
The fair price
So I think the
Unending desire has now
Taken the face of demon
Who knew
Even desire could
Be dangerous
Who said desire is not powerful
See the abstract things are
More than me
Even more than you
Seems like we require oxygen
And somethings require us
Living beings are
Source of life
Source for non-living beings

I just tried to argue on this
And reply was
‘the world runs like this only’
If you want to live than
You have to…
You have to….
I can survive
But what about
our younger ones, can they?
I know in future
One day will arrive
When you will say
‘i wish I stopped it
I wish I never did it
So that atleast
I can see in their eyes directly
With pride
So that my younger ones
Never became victim
Of my deeds
So that if I raise finger
It doesn’t seem like
I have raised finger against me
I wish…’

Everyone is having their dark secret
You will know it as you go close to them
But leaving them is not solution
Infact making them leave it
Is the solution
I know corruption is bad
I know its roots are
Entangled in our life
Even the strongest tree will die
Even you will die
So how corruption can live

To the one saying
World works this way
I want to say
World never work this way
Only we work this way

This is a fight
Where no one has to
Raise their voice
Where no one has to
Come forward
Everyone just have to
Play their role
This is a fight
Where no one has to
Do anything
Except one
Everyone has to think
Is life all about money?
If my life is miserable
Am I  going to make
others Life the same?
How far I will lead my life
With money
Money of others?
So I came down to
Make money
Or to live life in right way?
What about all the teachings
They failed me or
I failed them?
And lastly
As I was growing
Something was dying
So it means
Human died many years ago
The thing which exists is
Desire for money
The thing which exist is
Money making machine
Isn’t it?
Isn’t it true?

I wish
I could say truth
But the thing is
Even truth is dead
   -Jay Soni