Wise Ideology

by jaysoni2895

There is one life to live
So if you spend it complaining
Than Certainly  one day will come
When you will complain
‘Why it started ? ‘
I know it’s very important
To taste atleast everything once
So why don’t we enjoy
Our whole life
And in end complain
‘why it ended? ‘
See even complains
Can be positive

Obstacles are strong
Not because of their strength
But because of their courage
As they are
Standing in front of you
As they are
Standing against you
They know their fate
But still they are standing
As they know
People are blind
They cannot see their own fate
Or else even we too would have courage
This is the only thing
Because of which
We don’t get
What we were destined to get
Because of which
We loose

Don’t loose faith
You will win
You will succeed
And if you think
There is no chance for
You to win
Than you’ll be a
You will unexpectedly win 😉
Sooner or later
Just don’t loose faith
A day will come
When seeing you in trouble
Even the heaven will be in tears
And will shower you with
Rain of God’s grace
It doesn’t matter
What you think about him
It doesn’t matter
If you don’t believe in him
But never loose faith in yourself
Believe in yourself
As he resides even within you
If you will believe in yourself
Even the path of thorns
Will show it’s true face
As in reality
It Is a path of roses with
Few thorns

If it’s night
If darkness has covered the sky
Not to worry
Soon every bit of darkness
Will be gone
All illusions will be gone
We feel moon is
Eternal source of light
As when the darkness
Will be gone than only
We will come forward to sun
Moon is beautiful
But sun is so beautiful
We can’t keep our head up
When he is up in sky

Everything you are feeling
Is true
Everything you are seeing
Is true
From your joy
To your emptiness
From your friends
To your foe
From your victory
To your defeat
But keep it in mind
Even truth is
Only half complete
If you think you are half dead
Than maybe you are still
Half alive
See truth is half incomplete