My Best Memory

by jaysoni2895

I am living in present
Working for future
But I am truly happy
When I see my past
It was damn beautiful

Since the time
We first met
To the time
You waved me bye
You waved me goodbye
I think god was jealous
Jealous of my fortune
I never thought
The one who grants
Everyone their wish
Will ask me
To grant a wish
I am not more than a devil
But even devil has got heart
But this time
Even devil showed his good side
I wish I never had good in me
But it’s all your fault
You with your love
Has grown a tree
Even in between weeds
But I never knew
Tree will lead to this
I was happy with weeds
As they could only
Make my eyes cry
But now
In every second
In my every breathe
I can hear
Someone mourning
my eyes are not crying
how can I expect
Them to cry
As the soul reason
For whom they use to blink
Is no more
But eyes are not the only
Medium to cry
Infact it’s the only medium
To show
I am crying

Whenever I open my eyes
I can see everything
But not you
I feel alone
As you are not with me
And even the world moved on
And my best companion time
He never stopped
He also moved on

I am grateful
Though you are not here
But atleast
I am having your picture
I can see
My life
And I can also see
My life is no more

Everything is working perfectly
But I wonder
Why my heart is not betraying me?
I don’t care about him Anymore
But he cares for me
He knows
I have traded my life with god
He can also trade my life with me
He has  got the power
Which can bring me
One more time
Just infront of you
But still he never used it
Still he is working
Why don’t he takes a break
So that I can take
Permanent break from this
Little harmful world

Maybe he has got
Something good for me
With him
I thought
I will never open this book
But who knew that
He already opened the book
Book with same cover
But with different pages
Maybe it’s the time for
A fresh start
But with
The same book

True Love happens only once
True love happens only with one But It can certainly happen
Several times with that one
The castle can never be rebuilt
But a new castle can be built
From the same old sand
I can make a new fresh start
Infact not a fresh start
But a start in a
New fresh way

You left only my life
But not this world
Maybe I was wrong
My heart is using its power
Maybe that’s why
Here I am standing in front of you
Here I am standing in front of heaven
Asking how it looks…
Having a glitter of my love
Having glance of my life