Pioneer of Selfless Love

by jaysoni2895

I was wondering
Is really anyone
Anyone protecting us?
Do god really exists?
Who will save us
From death?
Who will protect me
From nature’s vengeance?
Can I whole heartedly
Enjoy all the festivals?
When the sun will appear
When the dawn will be there
Will I be there to see it?

Than I heard a voice
“can’t say anything
About your questions
But I am there
On the border
And till I am
You are safe ”

Who says god is not there
Let me ask them one question
So who are they
Guarding on border?
I am sure
They are not human
As Human is selfish
They are something
More than human
More than human can ever be

Every new day I require
Some new motivation
I am not able To understand
Of which sand they are made
We only say
I love my country
In pledge
But they  do
love their country
I am not able to understand
How a human is able to
love  so selflessly
I have just heard stories
That selfless love exists
And they are the
Living examples
Surely they are not human
Even a coin cannot show
Same face
So how can a human
Surely they are not human
They are something
More than human

They are never off duty
Infact because of them
Every morning
We are able to go on duty

Who loves a job
In which tomorrow
Will return to job alive
Is not even sure
But it’s not their job
It is there life
They live for it
I use to think
Somethings are only fictional
Somethings are only our fantasy
But today my view has changed ‘superheroes do exist’

You still think they have heart
Made of stones
My friend I believe
They don’t have heart made of stones
But they have piece of God’s heart
But they have real heart
Infact they  only are the ones
Who have a heart
As We all possess
A blood pumping machine

We just keep on saying
We want peace
We want to do selfless work
We want to stop terrorism
We want to do something
For our country
But the thing is
We are also nothing more
Than a politician
We say
And that’s the only thing we do
Though many of us
Have enough strength
Have enough muscles
Have enough intelligence
But in the end
We live like politician
They are the only ones
Who come forward
And fight
Fight for peace
Fight for justice
Thank god
We all are not same

I know many love stories
But when it comes to the story
Of a soldier and his country
Of a police and his country
Even I get a strong urge
To write one
To be a part of one
They are the richest people alive
As they have
Neverending love for country
Neverending respect for country
And we have
Neverending respect for them
Neverending love for them

I can only say one thing
‘because of you
We are
Because of you
We live
And till you are
We are
Or else it will be
Are we?
Or else it will be
Are we? ‘