The Li'l Poet

Month: August, 2015

A Negative You

I am best in myself
But when I am living
Without it
I feel my boat to be
In between dried river
I have lost my way
Something is killing me
Something is getting me weary
Is this the time
About which everyone say
‘Keep going ‘
Is this  the time
Which is going to make
A big change in my life
I don’t know anything
The thing is
I really don’t know anything
How I was the best
And now I am one of the rest
How I used to love it
And now I question it
The peaceful state of mind
Is totally shaken
Thousands of questions
Are still rising
Today the one who crossed
The seven oceans
Is not even able to cross
Seven rivers
Now I am having only
One solution
Now I want to leave this
Now I want to quit
I want to die
But living is my hobby
I want to leave
But I hate quitting
I want to win
But it’s out of  my ability
I am capable
But currently I am not able
I want to hug victory
But my steps are towards defeat
I know all the consequences
But I have arrived so far that
I left fear far behind

I know one thing
All these together are
Mere obstacles
Getting in my way
I am in a hurdle race
I want to kick these things away
But I jumped above them
My craze to win
in reality made me
Loose today
As today there are
Again the same hurdles
The same race
And the same me
The weak me

‘work hard or be last ‘
Today I fear these words
I was never interested
In the fight
To prove myself
To be unique
Am I like a pot
Am I trying to be unique
To get sold?
Truth is
This world is a big market
And we are here on sale
We are used
But someone is already being
Moulded to take our place
So basically we are born
We are used
And we are thrown out
There is no point in living
Like a pot
Feeling as if I am a
Living pot with life
Which is dead at every end
I know one thing
Death is my desire
Living is my hobby
I want to fulfil this desire
But don’t want to leave
My hobby
My hobby of living

I feel I am used
I feel I am sold
In this vast market
Someone has taken my place
And now I am nothing
Started from nothing
Ended in nothing
Lived the whole life
Without knowing the purpose
I am leaving the theatre
With the question
Why I entered in this theatre ?

Feeling too much of negativity
Feeling as you are saying
You won’t be able to do it
Or the thing you are doing
Is useless
Well it can be useless
But not for me
Afterall it is giving happiness
To me
I know one thing
When you say
You cannot do this
Keep in mind
What goes comes back to you
If you are going to become weed in my life
Some other guy will become weed for you
If you think this is just a saying
Than try it
Say it
You cannot do it
To the one in the mirror

I tried hard but cannot be
More negative than this
I tried hard but cannot find
More problems than this
All these were efforts to prove
Even negativity is limited
Negativity is not permanent
So are negative people
Still there is time
Change the party
These were efforts to prove
We dislike even reading negative things
So how will you live
An entire negative life
Negativity neither suits in this poetry
Nor in you my friend
All these were my efforts
To bring a change
I hope all these efforts
Don’t go in vain
I hope you understand
Even share of negativity is
Leave it or else
Your share in this world
Too will be negative


To My Heart’s Tenant

When I first saw you
I never thought that
This will happen
You were close to my heart
But I never let you know that
And as the time passed
Distance started decreasing
I still remember those
Hundreds of eyecontacts
Everytime I saw your eyes
Felt a sense of comfort
Though I didn’t knew you
But felt as if
I knew you from long time
You didn’t say anything
But your eyes spoke
Language was unknown for me
But felt as if I knew
What they were saying
We were standing far away
But felt as if our shadow
Were whispering something
The words were mute
But enough to plant the seed

You have created some space
Which no one can ever take
It’s open for rent
But no tenants can take it
That space always reminds me
That someone is missing
There is someone
But it’s presence is absent

You said we no longer
Can be together
But now I have realised onething
I don’t miss you any long
I miss only that time
I have realised
Life is all about experiencing
You can’t keep with yourself
Everything everytime
You have to let go
Everything everytime
To let new things in
But you can keep onething
And that is memory
Our sweet little memory

I don’t get it
I tried every bit
But all in vain
As every time
I tried to forget you
But was actually remembering you
I am lost in the war
Which I have conquered
Long ago
But this is the last time
As today the puppet is free
As today all strings
Will be broken

I know
You too are wishing
We never met
I am not god
But I can grant you this wish
I am no more than
A devil
But I have heard
God resides even within me
So I grant you this wish

You said “things have changed ”
And now I have realised
Humans are not more than a thing
For you
From this moment
You will be remembered
Only in this page as for me also
‘things have changed ‘

Its night
Darkness has covered the sky
But it’s your view
But for sky
Whether it’s day or night
It never lets its identity to fade
For me also
Whether dark clouds are there
Or there are clouds of light
Whatever phase it is
Will make the phase to
Pass away
But not the REAL ME
Now you own permanent space
In my heart
But if you know
My heart is like universe
“A big universe with no boundaries “

You Are Unstoppable

You are unique creation of god
You are different
Just look into yourself
You will find something
Something searching for way
Something ready to unfold
Give it a hand
You’ll will feel true pleasure
When you will find that
That something unique in you
Everyone heard
‘They are unique ‘
But very less proved it

It won’t be easy
It’s tough but I ain’t
While travelling that road
I am sure
Not only that road even the world
Will get rid of me
Doors can be reopened
But what if I can’t see them
There is no way left
If even one of these
Comes in your mind
Let me tell you
You know mountains are strong so is the land
But whatever comes in its way
Rivers find there way out
They will  flow
Either above it or from it
But they won’t stop
Its their inner power
Initially they were
Steady water bodies
Stuck somewhere
But once they discover
They never stop
Once they discover
They are unstoppable
They be it
You too are unstoppable
So let’s be it

There are moments
Which are tough
But only when
We consider them tough
Instead if we consider them
As experience
We will love them
Every day is another challenge
Ready to get accomplished
Every day is another book
Ready to get written
The going may get tough
But it’s fun
Playing a game
With no rules
With no limits
It’s a game
With unknown destination
With unknown obstacles
We play games
Not to show others
But for our enjoyment
That’s it
This is a real game
Are you ready to play it?

While travelling on the road
The woods took my attention
They were beautiful enough
To plant their seeds in my mind
I was on the road
With dreams of woods
And lost my way in the woods
The one which looked attractive Were now holding my life
The denser it got
The nearer I got to reality
Finally I was stuck in the woods
I tried to raise my hands
But the woods were long enough
To hide me
I tried to scream
But slowly slowly
My voice faded away
Well now I am in amidst of the woods
Now I am in amidst of my so called dream
And now I fear my own dream
But I realised something
Though every second I was getting lost
But something was getting back on track
Now I realised
The woods were beautiful
I lost my way
But it’s normal
Getting back from the woods is important
Dying is normal
But before becoming dead
Surviving is important
In the amidst of woods
I lost some part of me
But discovered the real me
I traded with woods
And now woods are still there
But its strength is moving on
On the road
Waving good bye
As the unstoppable never stops

Seen Side Of Cloak

Recently someone
Asked me about my wishes
Well as usual
It was a never ending
I asked the same to
my friends
And again
I got stuck in the whirlpool
Of their wishlist
God! Why I asked them this?

But once
I got different answer
He only had two wishes
Both for his family.
I was in state of shock
Seriously how can a
Human be so kind
It was a normal talk
But this normal talk
Was enough to shake my normality.
He didn’t had it
but he mentioned it only
Once or twice,
A normal human being
mentions it every now and then
What he didn’t have.
I am sure he was not normal
We classify people
And by giving them tag ‘poor’
We truly made it easy
To recognise the superior ones.

I feel god too has
Difficulty in differentiating
I feel god hates Equality
It’s inequality!
He gave heart just
Not to keep our left side empty
But he showed them
How to use the heart

What he wants to do
Before dying is living,
I think he prays
On behalf of us,
As if god grants him
This wish
His basket will overflow
And truth is our basket lies
Beneath his.

He may not be having money
He may not be able to
Experience different things
But he made me realise
It was never about
experiencing many things,
But it was about enjoying
Each and every small thing
As life is too short
Too short
As if you won’t even be able to
Blink the next time.

As the conversation moved on
He told me he never got chance
To experience how it feels
Sitting in a classroom,
May be he has not even
seen classroom.
He said
“you are lucky
As you can write your own destiny
I wouldn’t feel shameful
If I fail
But I didn’t even get
the opportunity to fail’
Education is rare
And the one who knows its
Value is also rare.

Now I can feel
How miserable my life
could be
How beautiful my life
truly is.

If you think
You deserve more
Then just for one night
Think about the things
You have used in a day
And then think
What if you didn’t had them
Than you’ll feel you have got more.
Manytimes we may not get
Many things
But you also know
Sachin scored century
but not always
But he was always greatful
For his each and every century
This is the thing
Which made him SACHIN.

At each and every moment
Their wish dies
They have to become murderer
Every second
So what should be their punishment?
Do they really deserve punishment?
Or they already are having their punishment?
We all are part of a drama
And they are playing their role
In best way
But we aren’t.
We are good only at dividing
And that’s what we are doing
From top to bottom
We are same
Its just that they don’t have
That materialistic thing
Fact is you are having it today
I will be having it tomorrow
So a day will come
When you will be called poor
Or else we try to
Understand one thing
We were not created
To decide about inferiority or superiority
Infact it’s our work
Which decides inferiority or superiority
We are rich because
of our work
As you also know
That materialistic thing
Is mine today
And yours tomorrow
Or some other day.

I feel
They deserve respect
They deserve love
Not because they are poor
Not because they have less power
But the sole reason is
It’s not their fault
To be born poor
Do remember
Tails may appear on coin
But it doesn’t mean
Heads won’t come,
In a blink of an eye
Destiny will change.