Seen Side Of Cloak

by jaysoni2895

Recently someone
Asked me about my wishes
Well as usual
It was a never ending
I asked the same to
my friends
And again
I got stuck in the whirlpool
Of their wishlist
God! Why I asked them this?

But once
I got different answer
He only had two wishes
Both for his family.
I was in state of shock
Seriously how can a
Human be so kind
It was a normal talk
But this normal talk
Was enough to shake my normality.
He didn’t had it
but he mentioned it only
Once or twice,
A normal human being
mentions it every now and then
What he didn’t have.
I am sure he was not normal
We classify people
And by giving them tag ‘poor’
We truly made it easy
To recognise the superior ones.

I feel god too has
Difficulty in differentiating
I feel god hates Equality
It’s inequality!
He gave heart just
Not to keep our left side empty
But he showed them
How to use the heart

What he wants to do
Before dying is living,
I think he prays
On behalf of us,
As if god grants him
This wish
His basket will overflow
And truth is our basket lies
Beneath his.

He may not be having money
He may not be able to
Experience different things
But he made me realise
It was never about
experiencing many things,
But it was about enjoying
Each and every small thing
As life is too short
Too short
As if you won’t even be able to
Blink the next time.

As the conversation moved on
He told me he never got chance
To experience how it feels
Sitting in a classroom,
May be he has not even
seen classroom.
He said
“you are lucky
As you can write your own destiny
I wouldn’t feel shameful
If I fail
But I didn’t even get
the opportunity to fail’
Education is rare
And the one who knows its
Value is also rare.

Now I can feel
How miserable my life
could be
How beautiful my life
truly is.

If you think
You deserve more
Then just for one night
Think about the things
You have used in a day
And then think
What if you didn’t had them
Than you’ll feel you have got more.
Manytimes we may not get
Many things
But you also know
Sachin scored century
but not always
But he was always greatful
For his each and every century
This is the thing
Which made him SACHIN.

At each and every moment
Their wish dies
They have to become murderer
Every second
So what should be their punishment?
Do they really deserve punishment?
Or they already are having their punishment?
We all are part of a drama
And they are playing their role
In best way
But we aren’t.
We are good only at dividing
And that’s what we are doing
From top to bottom
We are same
Its just that they don’t have
That materialistic thing
Fact is you are having it today
I will be having it tomorrow
So a day will come
When you will be called poor
Or else we try to
Understand one thing
We were not created
To decide about inferiority or superiority
Infact it’s our work
Which decides inferiority or superiority
We are rich because
of our work
As you also know
That materialistic thing
Is mine today
And yours tomorrow
Or some other day.

I feel
They deserve respect
They deserve love
Not because they are poor
Not because they have less power
But the sole reason is
It’s not their fault
To be born poor
Do remember
Tails may appear on coin
But it doesn’t mean
Heads won’t come,
In a blink of an eye
Destiny will change.