You Are Unstoppable

by jaysoni2895

You are unique creation of god
You are different
Just look into yourself
You will find something
Something searching for way
Something ready to unfold
Give it a hand
You’ll will feel true pleasure
When you will find that
That something unique in you
Everyone heard
‘They are unique ‘
But very less proved it

It won’t be easy
It’s tough but I ain’t
While travelling that road
I am sure
Not only that road even the world
Will get rid of me
Doors can be reopened
But what if I can’t see them
There is no way left
If even one of these
Comes in your mind
Let me tell you
You know mountains are strong so is the land
But whatever comes in its way
Rivers find there way out
They will  flow
Either above it or from it
But they won’t stop
Its their inner power
Initially they were
Steady water bodies
Stuck somewhere
But once they discover
They never stop
Once they discover
They are unstoppable
They be it
You too are unstoppable
So let’s be it

There are moments
Which are tough
But only when
We consider them tough
Instead if we consider them
As experience
We will love them
Every day is another challenge
Ready to get accomplished
Every day is another book
Ready to get written
The going may get tough
But it’s fun
Playing a game
With no rules
With no limits
It’s a game
With unknown destination
With unknown obstacles
We play games
Not to show others
But for our enjoyment
That’s it
This is a real game
Are you ready to play it?

While travelling on the road
The woods took my attention
They were beautiful enough
To plant their seeds in my mind
I was on the road
With dreams of woods
And lost my way in the woods
The one which looked attractive Were now holding my life
The denser it got
The nearer I got to reality
Finally I was stuck in the woods
I tried to raise my hands
But the woods were long enough
To hide me
I tried to scream
But slowly slowly
My voice faded away
Well now I am in amidst of the woods
Now I am in amidst of my so called dream
And now I fear my own dream
But I realised something
Though every second I was getting lost
But something was getting back on track
Now I realised
The woods were beautiful
I lost my way
But it’s normal
Getting back from the woods is important
Dying is normal
But before becoming dead
Surviving is important
In the amidst of woods
I lost some part of me
But discovered the real me
I traded with woods
And now woods are still there
But its strength is moving on
On the road
Waving good bye
As the unstoppable never stops