To My Heart’s Tenant

by jaysoni2895

When I first saw you
I never thought that
This will happen
You were close to my heart
But I never let you know that
And as the time passed
Distance started decreasing
I still remember those
Hundreds of eyecontacts
Everytime I saw your eyes
Felt a sense of comfort
Though I didn’t knew you
But felt as if
I knew you from long time
You didn’t say anything
But your eyes spoke
Language was unknown for me
But felt as if I knew
What they were saying
We were standing far away
But felt as if our shadow
Were whispering something
The words were mute
But enough to plant the seed

You have created some space
Which no one can ever take
It’s open for rent
But no tenants can take it
That space always reminds me
That someone is missing
There is someone
But it’s presence is absent

You said we no longer
Can be together
But now I have realised onething
I don’t miss you any long
I miss only that time
I have realised
Life is all about experiencing
You can’t keep with yourself
Everything everytime
You have to let go
Everything everytime
To let new things in
But you can keep onething
And that is memory
Our sweet little memory

I don’t get it
I tried every bit
But all in vain
As every time
I tried to forget you
But was actually remembering you
I am lost in the war
Which I have conquered
Long ago
But this is the last time
As today the puppet is free
As today all strings
Will be broken

I know
You too are wishing
We never met
I am not god
But I can grant you this wish
I am no more than
A devil
But I have heard
God resides even within me
So I grant you this wish

You said “things have changed ”
And now I have realised
Humans are not more than a thing
For you
From this moment
You will be remembered
Only in this page as for me also
‘things have changed ‘

Its night
Darkness has covered the sky
But it’s your view
But for sky
Whether it’s day or night
It never lets its identity to fade
For me also
Whether dark clouds are there
Or there are clouds of light
Whatever phase it is
Will make the phase to
Pass away
But not the REAL ME
Now you own permanent space
In my heart
But if you know
My heart is like universe
“A big universe with no boundaries “