The Real Success

by jaysoni2895

We are constantly in
Search of something
Some search for fame
Some for money,
For satisfaction
For soulmate
But the truth is
This all are some
Clever lies
Actually we are in search of
a meaning
A Meaning to live
A Meaning of our life
This is what
We are  searching
The real success

We all aim for success
But some achieve it
And some don’t
Because we miss target
We miss goal
But never miss our
World’s best archer
May miss the target
But the world’s worst lion
Never misses its prey
Afterall he is
The lion
The king
Sometimes you don’t have to be
The best
But the king

But in the path
We are struck with
Innumerable problems
But this are the signs
The pieces of success
Which success himself left
Never consider any
Problem big
Because they are always tiny
Made up
only of Eight letters
Problems are never eternal
But their solutions are
Always remember
Problems are like seeds
From which grows trees

After all this things
Lies the gates of heaven
But we are never destined
To reach the heaven
But to create it
So can you see the gates?
Or are they still under construction?