Wait Before Leaving!

by jaysoni2895

One of the greatest
Irony of life is
One who has it
Runs from it
Millions have got life
But thousands of them
Run from it
What should we say about the ones
“running while living
And running from living
Running from life
While carrying life
And saying I quit! ”

So what is the reason to leave
You hate life
You have lost
You had a heart break
Or just bored with it
Basically when you will leave
Your existence will also leave
You really think there is
Some sort of other world?
Well I don’t think so

If you think you have lost
Your life is disaster now
First accept it
You were the only reason
By doing so you will be on
The profit side
And I mean it
As other factors may or
May not be in your control
But you have complete control
On yourself
See now there are chances to
As changing yourself isn’t a
Big deal for the
Upcoming champion

If you think
You are again and again loosing
You will never be able to
Attain the goal
And if this is sucking your life
Then let me tell you one thing
The journey is more beautiful
Just think
Once you attain your goal
than what?
If you do not achieve it
It’s not so bad
Because the truth is
‘journey is more beautiful
Goal is just symbol of journey’
Surviving the journey
Enjoying the journey
Is more important
So be happy for the journey
Be happy as you experienced it
Don’t care about symbol
As you are smart enough
To remember it without symbol
Or if simply stating the truth
show off is not a good thing 😉

If you think you are in room
With no doors
If you think
There is no way left
But the truth is
There is a way always
‘There are ways always ‘
You can achieve everything
If you truly want it
You will find a way
As true desire itself opens way
As wants are unlimited
And resources are limited
But we are still living
If I am not wrong
We are still living happily

If you truly want to leave
Tired of the never arriving
Than go on
But you know
Every moment is the tomorrow
You are waiting
Its just that
Are you willing to make
Every moment a better tomorrow?
Am I willing to make
Every moment a better
Ask this question to yourself
You will get all your answers