The Li'l Poet

Month: January, 2016

Burning Roar Of Fire

After sinking hard
Finally arrived at the shore
What a journey it was
Finally I have realised
“you might just want to
Have a look
From the top
But something big is always
Waiting for you
Up at the top ”
What a place this is
I may not seem happy
But I know one thing
I would have sunk in grief
If I would not have been here
I remember from day to night
Putting myself into that fire
Walking over those thousand thorns
Polishing myself as a metal
But who knew
It wasn’t polishing
It was just cleaning the layer
Afterall beneath the dust
Lied the gold mines
I can feel the power
Burning within me
Afterall in the darkest hours only
The Street lights turn up
There were times
When I felt defeated
When the walls were coming up but soon I realised
Why to waste the
Precious seconds
Waiting for someone
If I already knew
No one’s gonna show up
I just took the first step
And now I am in debt
Of that first step
During those fearful hours
I discovered my real enemy
When the mask was removed
It was my face only
But with the falling sand
My chariot was rising high
Soon I realised this lines
‘Till I am alive
I will remain happy
Happiness would be my strength
Whenever I will die
There will be grief
But not within me ‘
This lines drove my life
In the darkest time
Before all this
I was very weak
Felt the same which you are feeling now
But I decided
No more compromise
From that day
I have kept the starting line behind
It might be the daytime
But now I am prepared for the dark
Finally the weakness is gone
The beast within me has risen
I would never let the sun to set now
Fear and failure are my friends with whom I party hard
No one can stop me
No one
Afterall I have realised
I am
The burning roar of fire now
Ready to light you up
I have realised
I am
The burning roar of fire
Ready to go down
To soar up high
Ready to build my stairs
To my glorious life
I am
“The burning roar of fire ”
Ready to….


Our Precious gift -LIFE

Just thought What if
Tomorrow there may be a new morning
But not me
What if
My presence differs no more
From my absence
What if there is
A Chest without breathe
A Heart without beat
The sun will rise
But I will set permanently
Lying there I will wish
For a beautiful morning
Which wasn’t beautiful before
I will wish to listen
to my Parents tune
To my sibling’s fight
Which I used to avoid before
I will miss many things
Or I will miss all these little things
Life is bitter
But life is small
Life slaps hard
But not more than its pat
Life shows the terror
But only when we ignore its beauty
Life takes away our parents
But it gives us child which we can’t ignore
Life is hard
But you were never easy
Life might even shed our blood
But it isn’t bad
We are picking the rose
Life has its own face
It all depends on
The one which we see
In the end
I would like to say
“kabhi hasna to kabhi rona
Kabhi badhna to kabhi girna
Kabhi jeetna to kabhi haarna
Kabhi kisi apne ka saath paana
Kabhi kisi apne ka saath khona
Shikayte to bahot h tjse
Ae zindagi
Par tu kahi na jana
Thama mene tje h
Par agar haath choda kabhi
To ghir me jaunga
Tere bina me jee na paunga
Tu mje mushkile de
Tu mje dard de
Par kabhi mera saath na chodna
Tu jo saza de wo mje kabul hogi
Par seene me jaan na huyi
To Teri ye khwaish
Kabhi poori na hogi
Log kehte h wo bahot garib h
Par shayad wo bhul gae h ki
Aj bhi unk sharir me saanse h
Aj bhi unk seene me dhadkan h
Par shayad wo bhul gae h
Aj bhi unme thodi jaan baki h
Aj bhi wo mjse amir h “

The Real Me

My life is like the gloomy sky
Nobody knows from where the darkness starts
And nobody will ever know where it will end
sometimes i feel alone
I may or may not rise
But the loneliness within me
Takes no time to show itself
Sun rises outside
With that loneliness rises inside
I am not alone
But something is missing
All pieces are on their place
But this time
The puzzle of life is still unsolved
So what am I missing
Am I missing
My childhood days?
Am I missing
My friends?
Am I missing
The joy I used to have?
Or am I missing
The real me?
My every part is on its place
I am still alive
But still I find myself lost
But still I find myself dead
I am smiling
But the one in the mirror
Shows me I am lieing
I know many people
But nobody really knows me
And the truth is
Neither do I
It’s all a mystery
I think its time for me
To find a reason to live
Before it gets too late
I know one thing
That I love mysteries
Maybe I have found the reason
The reason to live
But you may not worry
As I know
Living without a reason
Is not a big problem
But living without the real you is
I eat
I travel
I live
But only for joy
You know the best part of  life
Everything has its own price
But being happy is free
The reason to live is free

If you think you too are in dark
I can be your sun
So that it never becomes dark
So that the light
The light in your life never ends
The day rises and everyone see hope
One day you too will rise
So that one day I can see you as my hope
So that one day you will be our hope
I might be in the dark
But I want you to be in light
As nobody sees the shadow
But everyone bows
In front of that light
In front of that limelight