Our Precious gift -LIFE

by jaysoni2895

Just thought What if
Tomorrow there may be a new morning
But not me
What if
My presence differs no more
From my absence
What if there is
A Chest without breathe
A Heart without beat
The sun will rise
But I will set permanently
Lying there I will wish
For a beautiful morning
Which wasn’t beautiful before
I will wish to listen
to my Parents tune
To my sibling’s fight
Which I used to avoid before
I will miss many things
Or I will miss all these little things
Life is bitter
But life is small
Life slaps hard
But not more than its pat
Life shows the terror
But only when we ignore its beauty
Life takes away our parents
But it gives us child which we can’t ignore
Life is hard
But you were never easy
Life might even shed our blood
But it isn’t bad
We are picking the rose
Life has its own face
It all depends on
The one which we see
In the end
I would like to say
“kabhi hasna to kabhi rona
Kabhi badhna to kabhi girna
Kabhi jeetna to kabhi haarna
Kabhi kisi apne ka saath paana
Kabhi kisi apne ka saath khona
Shikayte to bahot h tjse
Ae zindagi
Par tu kahi na jana
Thama mene tje h
Par agar haath choda kabhi
To ghir me jaunga
Tere bina me jee na paunga
Tu mje mushkile de
Tu mje dard de
Par kabhi mera saath na chodna
Tu jo saza de wo mje kabul hogi
Par seene me jaan na huyi
To Teri ye khwaish
Kabhi poori na hogi
Log kehte h wo bahot garib h
Par shayad wo bhul gae h ki
Aj bhi unk sharir me saanse h
Aj bhi unk seene me dhadkan h
Par shayad wo bhul gae h
Aj bhi unme thodi jaan baki h
Aj bhi wo mjse amir h “