Burning Roar Of Fire

by jaysoni2895

After sinking hard
Finally arrived at the shore
What a journey it was
Finally I have realised
“you might just want to
Have a look
From the top
But something big is always
Waiting for you
Up at the top ”
What a place this is
I may not seem happy
But I know one thing
I would have sunk in grief
If I would not have been here
I remember from day to night
Putting myself into that fire
Walking over those thousand thorns
Polishing myself as a metal
But who knew
It wasn’t polishing
It was just cleaning the layer
Afterall beneath the dust
Lied the gold mines
I can feel the power
Burning within me
Afterall in the darkest hours only
The Street lights turn up
There were times
When I felt defeated
When the walls were coming up but soon I realised
Why to waste the
Precious seconds
Waiting for someone
If I already knew
No one’s gonna show up
I just took the first step
And now I am in debt
Of that first step
During those fearful hours
I discovered my real enemy
When the mask was removed
It was my face only
But with the falling sand
My chariot was rising high
Soon I realised this lines
‘Till I am alive
I will remain happy
Happiness would be my strength
Whenever I will die
There will be grief
But not within me ‘
This lines drove my life
In the darkest time
Before all this
I was very weak
Felt the same which you are feeling now
But I decided
No more compromise
From that day
I have kept the starting line behind
It might be the daytime
But now I am prepared for the dark
Finally the weakness is gone
The beast within me has risen
I would never let the sun to set now
Fear and failure are my friends with whom I party hard
No one can stop me
No one
Afterall I have realised
I am
The burning roar of fire now
Ready to light you up
I have realised
I am
The burning roar of fire
Ready to go down
To soar up high
Ready to build my stairs
To my glorious life
I am
“The burning roar of fire ”
Ready to….