Ride to my lost life

After being fully absent
In the present
For so many days
The day arrived finally
But I couldn’t see the light in day
So there came the turning dark night
The coin of my life was tossed
But it wasn’t for the last time
Those five seconds
Made me realise
How wrong I was
I was trying to free myself from the freckles
But maybe freckles only held me
I used to curse my life
But I realised
I was not ready to leave it
Neither then nor now
It were those five seconds
Which showed me life
Playing cheerfully in the lap of death
Soon I realised maybe I could too play
I was lying there
As if it was a bed
But first time I was happy
it was not the death bed
I realised
Someone is there always with me
To bring me back to the track
In those last breath
Finally found my lost life
I realised
There is pain
There is black waiting for me at the end
But I always had the opportunity to add
Blue, green, red
I was always wrong
I realised life isn’t dark
It only appears dark
I realised
My real wealth
Very few have this
And I was still among them
I never could be one
But met one
A stranger in the role of angel
I know now
I won’t let the beat stop
Till I be one
I realised
It was a journey
Not to the end
Instead it was
The most needed ride
The ride to my lost life