The Li'l Poet

Month: March, 2016

Why is It

Why is it?
We work damn hard
Don’t discriminate between
Day and night
Always there comes a BUT

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People breath
But no more for us
Because people change everyday
Because people die everyday

Everything we do
Is just to please a body
With no soul
We say it’s my passion
But it is just an illusion

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There is always a fight
Going on between
My mind and my body
my heart no more exists

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Never feel bad when someone
Says you are nothing
As it is a moment of pride
Accept it as a compliment
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Living the Life

I am often confused
Am I a human
Or a machine
Continuously in a race

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Familiar Strangers

Sometimes we just look

In the water of past

But we don’t realise

We are always half

Sometimes we look

At the past

And try to recall every moment

Of that

Of that golden moment

Whether it was our friends

Or our beloved
We strive day and night

To have a glimpse

We strive everyday

So that the present

The present becomes the past

But nothing changes
Though one of us

Remains the same

But the other one changes

We live the present

As if it was the past

But it’s sad

The world

The world changes

We peek, we contemplate

No more

No more as companions

But as strangers
In this beautiful world

In this populated world

the worst thing is

Before THEY and I were us

And now we are nothing

Nothing more Than STRANGERS
Though in this vast world

There are strangers

But the good thing is

All these are


All these are

~ Jay Soni


Now I have realised
What’s the secret of success
What’s the secret of victory
What makes one to
Reach the sky
And what makes one to
Leave towards sky

Success isn’t in those 1000 hours
It’s in those 5 minutes
When we have the option
When we are left with the choice
Either to live every moment
Or to leave every moment
Even after a full day
Those 5 minutes in the dark
Can change the entire coming light
It has the power
To light up the light
That’s the power of 5 minutes
And we still have
Millions of them
That’s the wealth
Which a winner recognises

Winner is sort of improver
Winner plays the mind games
But not in mind
He isn’t the one who asks
Is this life?
He isn’t the one
Who dies every moment
And if he dies every moment  continues it in hope of life

He neither has those spark
Nor the talent
But he has belief
Belief not of surpassing everyone
But belief that he will win

His strength lies in his thoughts
He never quits
He lives his best
As he knows
Someone is always watching him
As his eyes are always open and are with him

His biggest motivation is
‘his best life ‘
He works for his best life.
He is the one
Who gets broken everytime
But starts again
With his spirits high
He is the one who falls everytime
But climbs up again
Obstacles can increase the distance
But cannot stop ants
You know it isn’t about
What motivates you?
It is about
What stops you ?

Finally, winner isn’t abnormal
Winner isn’t aloof from the world
But he is on his way
In discovering HIS WORLD
As sometimes we see things
In a way they aren’t like
Winner isn’t born
Winner isn’t made
Winner is mould
“enjoying the learning process
with his beloved hardwork
is his theory

Give it a Try

To learn the importance of good
You have to feel the bad
It doesn’t mean you have to be bad
It simply means you have to feel bad
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The Magnificent You

There is no need for you
To be best
As you already are
Best of yourself

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I know you are fearing more
And living less
But the thing which you are
Experiencing is not fear
Have you ever thought
After a long tiresome day
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