Behind the stained glass

by jaysoni2895

I have always heard
There is always a way
But I never heard
How to find that way
So far I know one thing
Which kept my
Boat sailing

I know you have heard
It many times before
But you never applied
I too don’t like it
Afterall it’s made of
Those two words which
We hate the most
Hardwork is the key
Infact it’s the entire lock
Behind which lies
Your, mine, our
Our heaven
And Don’t worry
About the key
Hardwork is kind of proof
That we have a strong urge
And once you start your
The key will start it’s
The moment you stop and
The moment your work speaks
Is the unique moment
Waiting for you
This is my way
Of making you silent 😀

It’s tough to go on
In life
There are thousands of
Problems and obstacles
my life also had
Thousands of them
But I had very FEW
I know your obvious
Question will be
Didn’t you ever noticed them ?
Sorry but I didn’t even noticed
I didn’t even noticed
I was in problem
And I was free from problem
Maybe you have found
What is your
real problem

There is no time To waste
Thinking more and
Doing less
Feeling depressed
Feeling you can’t do anything
Life is too short
One day you will know the
Meaning of “too short ”
Just keep on doing something
Keep on doing things
Which gives you pleasure
If you want to regret
than go on
But remember one thing
If you had a plane
What will you do
Fly it or keep thinking
‘some day I will fly it ‘?
By the way
In this case

I quit
And take a break
And take a break
So that
I do NOT quit
This is my way of
Becoming a bull
And gifting my problems

– Jay Soni