My race, My time

by jaysoni2895

Here I am running
Hearing the sound of gun
Hearing the sound of audience’s applause
Here I am running
With a question in my mind
Why am I running?

I always wanted a change
And here in the middle of big change
I am asking
Why am I running?
I am getting behind
I am loosing the race
But this is the time
I waited for
I worked hard
Not to get behind
This is my time
This is my time to win
I know life has the dice
But whatever comes
I am going to move forward
Slowly or fast
I am going to get closer
Today the path has been
Set for me to win
Enough cry of failure
Its my time to hear
The cheer of victory
This is going to be hard
But I hate easy
This is going to be bitter
Maybe that’s why I am running
As at the end lies sweet
My intentions are strong
So how can I be weak
To be like sun
I have to burn
But what is his secret
His strong intentions?
Strength itself lies in the strong
So I am ready to burn
To see the sun
I am running for the needy
I am running for the deprived
Failure won’t help them
But victory will
To help the needy
I have to get wealthy
And I am on my way
Victory might be an illusion
It may not be sweet
But how can I judge
Without actually winning
I have to run
So that I can win
I have to win
As this is my race
As this is my time
And I will win
They might be far away from me
But who knows in the end
Time might even stop
And I might be running
See there is my friend, victory
“see my best friend has arrived ”
I am happy
As I didn’t quit
I am happy
I continued to breathe
Till the end
And here I am
Standing with a trophy in my hand
And being called With a tag
And being called With a name