Time to rise again

by jaysoni2895

Work, the largest part of our life
Do we enjoy this part of our life?
Is work a mode to pass the life?
Is work the worst part of our life?
I doubt that I won’t be able to answer
Even this simple questions of our life

I have seen people who have worked
Worked for their whole life
And I have seen people who have enjoyed
Enjoyed for their whole life
Truly saying I too hate the word work
But the question is
Is there anyone who loves it?
Answer obviously is no.
So how can we say
People have enjoyed for their whole life
They say
You are in a illusion
That you have to work to live
And we are in reality
That we have to enjoy to live
We know one thing
Either it’s easy
Or it’s interesting
It may be tough
But do you know my toughness
Do you really know it?

Sometimes I question why
Why I have to work
Sometimes I think I am wrong
After observing others opinion
Sometimes I think
I don’t deserve it
Sometimes this
Sometimes that
Sometimes I think too much
But once a wise man said
Don’t question why
As answer lies within me
Don’t think about others
As I am here to live my life not their
Don’t let anything play in your mind
From this moment
Take duty of your life
Replace the word work
With enjoyment
Can you question it now
Now you will say
Everything aside
First enjoyment
Don’t question it why
Even in times of depression
Say bye to why

If I am a singer
What do you expect from me
To sing?
No matter how my situation is
No matter how bad my throat is no matter I couldn’t sing the best
The last time
No matter how bad I hate it
You expect from me to sing
So you know now
What I expect from you
No matter how, how many no matters there are
You know what you have to do
‘even the best starts from stage 1,
And right now you are standing there only,
So get up
So get up…
It’s time to rise AGAIN ‘