A House Within My Heart

by jaysoni2895

My heart is
Home of many things
But within me
There is a house
Given by me to fear
But the best thing is
He is a tenant
He lives on rent
But his family is growing
He is clever he always knew
Where there is light
There is shadow
He completely changed
The saying
“where there is shadow
There is light”
He always said
The bigger you are
The bigger will be your shadow
But I use to say
If the shadow is big
Then it  shows
The size of the source
But one day
He just crossed his limits
He said
Wherever there is light
You will find me
As there is shadow
I simply reminded him of
SUN and said he is the owner
Go live in his shadow  and from that day I am having a house in my heart
Open for rent
Is there anyone….?

Would you like to go anywhere
Where no one is able
To recognise you
To admire you
To atleast even know you
Where you are a
Your answer will be ‘no’
So why people complain
My life sucks
My life is nothing more than
A nasty bag
Full of bad things
nothing good is
Happening with me

There is something
Something which always
Puts me at EASE
Even when I feel
They are two words
Full of MAGIC
As people always say
“Before you learn
You have to say
And when you say
You will learn ”
And for me
Are same

Always remember
“change in time
Doesn’t take much time
Afterall every moment
You change
Your life change
And your time change ”

– Jay Soni