Let’s live the moment

by jaysoni2895

I cannot take this anymore
This much of worry
This much of anger
This much of mind chatter
This nuisances
No more
Either I will let them free
Or you let me free
This much pressure
Is beyond my control
But no more
I came down
Not to be a victim
So I won’t be a victim anymore
No more

I ran from this things
I feared this things
But now I am ready
Come on
This things have totally destroyed me
So come on
I have nothing to loose now
You all tried to hurt a winner
Now I will show you
Why I am called winner
This feelings
This emotions
Kill millions of champions everyday
But no more

The thing is this things are dead
They never lived
This all are just inside us
Trying to kill us deeply
But no more
If worry kills you
Just take action
If anger kills you
Start being more cheerful
Start loving even your enemies
If mind is your enemy
Stop paying attention to it
If right proves you wrong
Use the left
But don’t stop

You know all this things
Are just in our mind
Nothing exists
Don’t pay attention to them
Your mission is to enjoy
Your mission is to learn
Your mission is to live
Don’t die in every moment
Instead give birth to
Small joyful moments
Afterall these are life
Life isn’t bad
Life is very beautiful
Whenever you are hit
Just get back to your
Personal hideaway
And return
As wasting even few seconds
Is a big loss
Whose amount is unascertainable
Don’t be anxious
Don’t look for enjoyment
In some specific things
Instead look for it in
Every little thing you do
Afterall enjoying 24 hours
Is better than
Enjoying just 2-3 hours

I too can feel the fear
But the thing is
It’s just a feeling
Nothing like this exists
Feelings breed on us
They are nothing without us
So make the feelings obliged
Keep them in debt
And let them pay the interest
For the rest of their life

the question is
Is there anything to fear
If it is then even
why should I fear
If there is no fear

It’s time for us
Time to get back 
It’s time for us
To colour that fading colour
It’s time for us to smile
It’s our time
Silence in our life
Shows the world awaits
For the dawn to arrive
Rising high
Conquering the dark
And hosting the flag of light
One more time
Let’s live the life