by jaysoni2895

There is always something
Something wrong with me
I feel

I want to do thousand things
But at the end of the day
I fear
As you already know the answer to
What I did the whole day

I try my best that the
Dart reaches its destination
But the thing is
It reaches the destination
But not the best destination
And than I say
You know what
‘Even air hates me’

Sometimes I feel
I am in a boat somewhere
In between the ocean
Of water
Flavoured with worry
And you know what
I am living and
Still paying the price
To live
As I am only drinking water
But my life is

I can
I can see the apprecitation
I can hear the claps
But the worst thing is
I am one of the AUDIENCE

I feel sometimes
I just free my brain
And say
Go wherever you want to go
But just go!!
And he said
“huh! I am at the top
And I can’t hear you
From down
I always do my job ”
But maybe it’s his way
To say
You have given me
The top place
And now I have to
Buy one for you

People remember things
Which can change their life
And I think
Their problems did
Made there life miserable
But you know one thing
That more we say is
The more we memorise it
This is the reason
I am talking about problems
As you know
I am not weak
It’s just that
My brain takes time
To let the garbage in

And you know
Is this the reason
you Are feeling so tired

– Jay Soni