by jaysoni2895

If you loose something
What do you do
You “just get up
And start searching for it”
That’s it
What are you waiting for
Just replace something
With success
And I mean it
That you have ‘lost’ success
As your birth
Itself is a success
And than read this
Till you loose control
And can’t stop yourself
To get started
And you only decide the definition
Of your success
Let me tell you onething
Everything is
And there are no
Pieces of glass
At it’s boundary
And I know you will
Plant a seed as it shows
How much important is
Shade of the tree for you
Afterall you have everything
Do you hear me

From the time you
Put the money in safe
It starts loosing its value
Isn’t it?
The same thing happens
To your talent
Just show it
It will be the biggest
Tribute to your life
That only your life will end
Someday but
You will live
As somethings don’t live
On oxygen

This one is for all
Who are winner
Always remember
“Sun never dies
It only sets ”
By the way you
Surpassed death today
I hope you got it

If you are thinking
Why you are stuck
With bad time always
Even the moon
Doesn’t show up in
Day time it’s only in
Night when it appears
Though it’s present
I think even moon can’t
Stay without showing up
Such a adorable thing
You are

– Jay Soni