by jaysoni2895

If Steve jobs ask you to show
How to live life in the best way?
I think you will surely help him
The same question god is asking you
See even expert needs your advice
So who is the expert?
This is the beauty of life that
You are absolutely unemployed

Our life is no more than a
Railway station
trains arrive every hour
If you are late
Don’t worry
‘Even the trains are late’
And if it isn’t arriving
It’s just because you can
Never pour water in a glass
Which is already full of water
And the thing which you need is
Better quality SPECTACLES

Like + hardwork
= success + happiness
Unlike + hardwork
= success
These are two different roads
To two different lives
But maybe the god is in love
With his creations that’s why
He created master key
And it’s still in your pockets

Dark clouds arrive in
Everybody’s life
But once they empty themselves
Then these only become
Every bad thing is attached
With a good thing
“Maybe everyone have
Two faces
It’s just that we can see one
At a time ”

Everybody give their best efforts
But sometimes they doubt
Was it the best
Which I can do
Which I can achieve
Bt let me tell you onething
Once with our best efforts
Moon was unreachable
And now
We reached mars

Problems try their best to
Get you down
But you know what
I always BOWED down
As I always thought
He was saying
“please, fulfill my
Last wish ”

– Jay Soni