The Magnificent You

by jaysoni2895

There is no need for you
To be best
As you already are
Best of yourself

Have you ever encountered
With a person which has
The same face
The same body
The same fate
The same soul
Just as you have
Well your answer would be NO!
It’s all because
There can be only one
And there is only one
Only one Sachin Tendulkar

There is something
Best inside you
It is a kind of
Invisible light
Which allows you to see
Even In the absence of light
Afterall you know
You cannot see anything
In the absence of light
But you still see darkness
Isn’t that wonderful

Tree is a token of wisdom
His life has enormous barriers
But everyday he grows
And he never stops
Be like tree
Just give the best
With whatever you have
And if you know
Trees too are worshipped
I repeat
Trees too are worshipped

Whenever you feel
You have nothing
Just keep your hands
On your chest
And feel that something
Something is
Still beating inside you
You may find someone

People do like challenges
So I have one for you
You are already best
But I want you to evolve
As something is waiting
“Dreams should be big in size
But with a small life
So that they die fast
And reborn someday
As a reality ”
I hope you have got your map
So go on
As that something is still waiting
-Jay soni