Waiting for the one

by jaysoni2895

Waiting for the person
Which arrives with some smoke and takes away all the dust
All the darkness
Away from my life
Which makes the night
The second day of my life

Waiting for the one
Which starves to come
In my dreams
But not in my life

Waiting for the one
Which keeps a little
Part of my life
So whenever I die
She evokes my life
So the fire never quenches
And grows more and more

Waiting for the one
So Whenever I die
Everyone will say
What a life
Living with the heaven
What a life
Leaving the heaven
What a life
When he died
Saw the world
A rain
For you
It would be the rain of pearls
But for him it was
It was the rain from hislife
It was the rain of his life
And people will remember the day
As the day when the
When the

Waiting for the one…..
Waiting for the one….

~ Jay Soni