Familiar Strangers

by jaysoni2895

Sometimes we just look
In the water of past
But we don’t realise
We are always half

Sometimes we look
At the past
And try to recall every moment
Of that
Of that golden moment
Whether it was our friends
Or our beloved

We strive day and night
To have a glimpse
We strive everyday
So that the present
The present becomes the past
But nothing changes

Though one of us
Remains the same
But the other one changes
We live the present
As if it was the past
But it’s sad
The world
The world changes
We peek, we contemplate
No more
No more as companions
But as strangers

In this beautiful world
In this populated world
the worst thing is
Before THEY and I were us
And now we are nothing
Nothing more Than STRANGERS

Though in this vast world
There are strangers
But the good thing is
All these are
All these are

~ Jay Soni