by jaysoni2895

Never feel bad when someone
Says you are nothing
As it is a moment of pride
Accept it as a compliment

Always remember
On a black board you can
Paint only white
But a white board
Can be painted with all the
Beautiful colours of life
And someone who is nothing
Is as valuable as a white board

There is always a similarity
Between you, me and Bill Gates
As before we achieve something great
We all were nothing
Aren’t you feeling proud?
Well, I am

But the thing is
You are not nothing
From the time you
Have opened your eyes
You are writing your life
LikeĀ  Shakespeare
You are painting your life
You are playing with your life
You are dancing in your life
This list will never end
But most importantly
You are living your life
Like the one in the mirror
I am sorry
But you are not nothing
You are not nothing!
I hope now you have opened
Your eyes

Whenever you feel you
Have nothing to live for
Than ask yourself
Are you having anything
To die for?
First find something to die for
Eventually you may find
The door where your key lies

Being nothing is a blessing
But you will never die
being nothing
And if you still die being nothing than I must say
“You are a clever lier ”

And whenever your life
Becomes a bull
Show it THAT red cloth
And say with that
Wicked smile
”lets have some fun ”
Afterall you are
The great NOTHING
– Jay soni