by jaysoni2895

There is always a fight
Going on between
My mind and my body
my heart no more exists

My minds wants everything to change
He wants sort of new universe
But he is clever and wicked
He always keeps himself last
In the list of change
Its kind of tree to change
At first
And seed to change
At last
It feels like I want to be
But only end up WITH
A dream
A  wish
But only end up
Remaining xyz

It seems like my
Mind and body are in a
Marathon and
I am sure
A part of me will win
But with that
A whole of me will loose

My mind keeps on saying
”you want a change
Ok then let’s make a change
That I will never change ”
But now I have discovered
My mind was always
My best friend
All these were directions
Not to the roots but to
The seeds
The creator of everything
From heaven to hell
From me to you
They’re our thoughts
my friend our thoughts!!
This is the beauty of life that
A small change may save the
WHOLE life

I always knew of outside world
But today I came across
Its creator the beautiful
I made plans to tackle the
Outside world
But now it seems like
Now I am having eyes
But there is no
But I want to tell you
How beautiful the life is!
Though I am in state of
But It feels good that there was
Maybe there is some hope

– Jay Soni