by jaysoni2895

People breath
But no more for us
Because people change everyday
Because people die everyday

Everything we do
Is just to please a body
With no soul
We say it’s my passion
But it is just an illusion

We love it
Because people love it
As every planet revolves
around the sun
Everything revolves
Around the people
We have to live with people
We have to die with people
We have to earn from people
There is something
more than the terror
More than the dead
More than the end
There are people
Just people

Biggest irony of life is
We are just a statue
Malleable statue
We are shaped continously
The one who resists
Is the one who extincts

I am also just a statue
I must not say that
But I can’t lie
But now
I too resisted
And now I am on a journey
A dark journey
A gloomy journey
Waiting for the death
Waiting for the end

Now I am able to see
Light, slight light
Just hoping that it’s not

~ Jay Soni