by jaysoni2895

A walk in the garden
Made me realise
What is my place
In this world
Those two beautiful eyes
Which were made to admire me
Now constantly keep on staring
And it’s not admiring
It’s kind of killing me
And this is killing me
I wish I could turn my eyes
But everytime I try
I reach the same fate
Seems like everywhere
There is a mirror
With the same killer
Two eyes
I wish I didn’t had them
I wish I was blind

Am I created only
For this
So that everyone scare me
So that everyone give me scar
Only with their two eyes
I fear if only two eyes can
Frighten my every bit of soul
Than I fear
What they can really do
I fear I am really
Not safe in this friendly place

I was not born weak
I was not born sensitive
You were the one
Who said my role is to be weak
I have to be the one
Which has to be protected
But I don’t need this special place
I don’t want protection
All this things have worsen
My situation
I too want equality
Equality which means
No one considers me weak
No one treats me as if
I need protection
I want to work hard
To achieve
Don’t judge me
With my gender
Judge me with
Who I am really
I wish could change
Definition of equality

You know I don’t want you
To be the reminder
I don’t want you to
Make me feel constantly
That I am a girl
I know I am a girl
But you know
The world is having
Its own definition
But I want to ask the world
Are you a girl
You are not
Than why don’t
You mind your own business
I am your creator
I have feelings
I have heart
I am not a statue
I am a human too
I too want to feel safe
Live freely
But even for this I have
To ask for permission
Is this how much you love me?
Is this your equality?

Today I feel scared
As a walk in a garden
Is equal to a
Hell, a beautiful hell
This shows your respect
Not for me
But for yourself
You know today
I don’t care
But I know one thing
Everyone will have to
Pay the price

I want to tell you onething
Realise it before it’s too late
Because god starts everything
With a spark
And than one day it will
Turn spark into fire
And will leave me
With your ashes
This is the easiest punishment
He will offer you

I am a mother
But do you have respect for
Other’s mother?
I am a sister
But do you have respect for
Other’s sister?
I am a daughter
But do you respect for
Other’s daughter?
I am a wife
But do you have respect for
Other’s wife?
I am the ultimate creator
But if you would have been
On my place
You would have quit
This position
Long before

I am just a girl
Just like million other
I too want
To have a walk in garden
Not in beautiful hell
But just like other voices
This too will be in
Air for few moments
Than eventually it will perish
And even I will perish

Just in a search
Just in a hope
To see justice
To see humanity
This was the
Perishing voice
From a perishing gi…..

I know it’s quite long
But not enough to
Open your eyes