The Best Life

In the middle of it
Again and again the same questions
Why am I doing this?
Who am I?
What is the meaning of all this?
I have completed
My tenure of life
And I can say
I have lived my whole life
I couldn’t find a single reason
But I found multiple reasons
Finally understood
What is this falling and rising stuff
Falling takes away your joy
It’s difficult to be happy
When you are drowned deep in the river
But you still have some scope
When you are floating upon the river
You have to rise
Not to be back into the race
But for the sake of your enjoyment
‘life is a race ‘
This line often used to hit me hard
But this one lack truth
Life was never a race
And it will never be one
It’s just that these are the words
Of the eyes
Blind even with light
‘life is a journey
And will remain a journey always ‘
Sometimes we need motivation
We question everything
We even question our existence
But you know what
Humans are the luckiest creatures
They got a long journey
Not to run
Not to loose
Not to fall
But to enjoy
Milestones may not make us happy
But failure would surely snatch away some
Our to do list is long
But in the end we live to enjoy
We have to be best
Not to prove others
But to snatch more happiness from life
Afterall our goal is to be happy
Who said we are exposing ourselves
We are just trying to create some happiness
People often say
‘I shouldn’t have worked all my life’
Learn from there mistakes
So that when you die
People will say
‘we both have money
But I worked
And he enjoyed ‘
If you still want to in a race
Than be in the race to be happy
This is what
THE BEST LIFE looks like
When you lack motivation
Use this
To shoot you back to your
Lost life