It’s all about that ATTITUDE

I know my ability
I know I can
But just indulging in the things
Which don’t even make any sense
But I have realised my fault
I have realised
I am on fault
And now I am ready for the clarity
I used to run from this
But no more
I can do anything for that victory

Before the bowl was full
And now even after pouring enough
The bowl is still empty
Seems like there is a hole
Truth is I am
Lacking confidence
No matter how many
Seeds I sow
Conquering the world
Is not a big problem
But what if
Chariot is stuck
But now
No more dependence on chariot now I will walk
As I know now
It’s all a play
Between me and my brain

There is a simple rule of life
Have the best in yourself
With you always
So that the wisdom shines back so that before you win
You actually win
And the second one
Is to apply the first
It’s not about a single victory
It’s about that big single victory
It’s all very simple
And we know it
To really achieve something
We need to really achieve it in our mind
It’s all about that one single seed
That one single seed
Known as attitude
Many of us
Were familiar with this
And remaining are familiar now
But the question is
Apart from me
Who is ready to develop it?
Afterall we know
It’s all about that