The Broken ME

How can I leave you
You make me feel so alive
I want you
I need you
I am nothing without you
I am trying very hard
But somewhere in my mind
I am locked behind the bars
I have spent many days
Where every feeling was dead
Except the nasty anger
Which was Keeping me alive
And which was killing me alive
Nothing can be more painful
When you can’t even feel the pain
When slowly everything turns out
Into a nasty feeling game
Love looses very early
So looses our charisma
When with every failure
You start loosing
Loosing what you could
Loosing what you dreamed
Loosing what you have
Or maybe
Loosing what you had
Loosing what you were
Or maybe
Loosing your light’s epitome
And soon
Loosing your life’s epitome

Ocean was never a problem
I use to agree
But now I doubt
How hard it is
That once you were best
And now you are no more
I have seen the sun rise
But it has been a history
I am dying here
Someone else will also be
Dying the same death
Someone will also be
Meeting the same fate
But the thing is
Sometimes we are so much
Used to it that
When it’s no more
We find it
We search it
Even when we are happy
the thing is
Complexity exists inside us
We cannot accept it ‘cimply’
See this
This is Complexity

I am broken
I am dead
But maybe if I try
Just for once
No more I will die
Broken things are dangerous
If you don’t believe it
Try to drink something
From a glass
Oh! I mean
A broken glass :p
No more you will be able
To drink my positivity
No more my lighting spirit
Maybe it’s the time
For the lost to reach its way
Maybe it’s the time
For the broken to be great
To AGAIN be great
As I am more dangerous than you
As you are more dangerous than anything
Don’t you believe