The real ace

by jaysoni2895

In between the dark

I continued with my pace ,

Unknown of the intentions

Hoping for the best 

I continued my race,

And finally got a look of the dawn 

Only to get astray

Removing the dark 

With the smile on its side 

Came the life ,

I greeted it with a smile 

And life played its ace 

In the middle of the light 

And turned it into a cry 

What a cruel fate!!

In the extreme light 

Met my worst night 

My worst night-mare

Forced by the life

I too played my ace 

But got betrayed by time

Since it was not an ace 

It was a clown 

It was a joker 

Making other laugh

Only on my face ,

Hearing the life 

Laughing on my face

And with nothing to loose 

Finally stepped in 

Wearing the outfit of an ace 

Hiding from the world

Known as a joke 

A smiling little clown

And now 

I will laugh 

On the whole world 

Making it bow down

Since now life is standing on my side 

Here on my powerful

Victory sleigh !!!

Jocker played its ace 

To find another jocker ?

No ,

but only to know its true worth 

Only To find himself 

Only to become the ace 

Who is the joker?

I am the joker 

Hiding in an outfit of joker 

Tested by the life 

And moulded into an fearless ace 

Time turned ace into joker 

Only to show the world 

The clown ,the joker 

Are not his real name 

Only to show the world 


Well,I am THE REAL ACE!!