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Aj bhi usi kinaare 

Dikhta h anjaan chehra 

Chehre do the 

Par ab ek h nishaan

Waqt paani ki tarah 

Sab kuch le gya 

Wo chehra 

Wo nishaan 

Wo khusbu 

Chod gya to sirf 

Kuch yaad

Kuch pyaari 

Kuch acchi 

Par sirf yaad 

Dekha h mene 

Wo pairon ko aage badta

Wo nishanon ko banta 

Aur lehro se 

Un Nishanon ko miteta 

Roz wo chehra wahi bethta 

Roz wo kuch likhta 

Par kuch din se dikha nhi wo 

Thi pdi bs ek kitaab

Panne bhige hua 

Paani se par daag lage the 

Unpe aansuon ke 

Padhne k baad 

lag gye uspe paani k 

Naye daag

Likhta tha wo ye

“Naya manzar

Naya waqt 

Nayi muskan 

Fir se ek nayi jhoothi muskann

Sab kuch badal gya



Aur shayad tum

Mile the tum 

Meri dost banke 

Aur waqt k saath 

Reh gyi tum meri jaan banke

Waqt badla 

Mausam badle

Muskuraahte badi 

Aur dhire dhire 

Saansein mili

Uss jaan ko

Shayad jaan bs gyi thi 

Har ek saans mein 

Patte gire 

Naye patte ugey

Zindagi mey

Rang naye bikhre 

Shayad zindagi ko uska 

Wajood mil gya 

Saansein kabhi na thame 

Wo wajah mil gya

Saansein to mili

Par kamzor si thi jaan 

Kuch baate huyi

Aur uth chali tum waha 

Aur firse loti na tum kabhi yaha 

Tum to meri saans thi 

Par le gyi tum

saath meri jaan

Le gyi wo khusbu 

Wo khushi 

Wo muskann

Bas zehn me reh gya tha 

aankhein nam kar dene wala 

Ek anjaana sa naam

Ab Saamne tha mere 

 Naya manzar

Naya waqt 

Nayi muskan

 ek nayi jhooti muskann.

Ab milenge wahi 

Jab hogi tum mere paas

Aur hogi doori

Toh bas thodi

 mitti k katro ki 

Hoga waha ek pathar 

Jispe hoga 

Sab me Jaan

 daal dene wala  

Aur meri le lena wala 

Bs Ek naam

Likhe honge koi teen shabd 

 Usi Naam k naam 

Shyad honge wo 

Tum gye kaha

Ya fir 

Hum gye kaha 

Ya fir 

Waqt le gya 

Ya fir 

Meri ekloti jaan

Ya fir 

reh gyi bas

Ya fir 

Iss seene me 

Ya fir 

Aag si bhadakti

Tumhari kasam 

Nhi likhunga me wha

 tumhari ek yaad

tumhari ek yaad..

Par saansein chalti rahengi 

Yuhi sadaa

Jab tak de na du 

Tumhari har  ek yaad ko

 ek nayi jaan

 ek nayi pehchaan 

Jab tak de na du 

Tumhari har ek yaad ko

Meri ye jaann….”


The real ace

In between the dark

I continued with my pace ,

Unknown of the intentions

Hoping for the best 

I continued my race,

And finally got a look of the dawn 

Only to get astray

Removing the dark 

With the smile on its side 

Came the life ,

I greeted it with a smile 

And life played its ace 

In the middle of the light 

And turned it into a cry 

What a cruel fate!!

In the extreme light 

Met my worst night 

My worst night-mare

Forced by the life

I too played my ace 

But got betrayed by time

Since it was not an ace 

It was a clown 

It was a joker 

Making other laugh

Only on my face ,

Hearing the life 

Laughing on my face

And with nothing to loose 

Finally stepped in 

Wearing the outfit of an ace 

Hiding from the world

Known as a joke 

A smiling little clown

And now 

I will laugh 

On the whole world 

Making it bow down

Since now life is standing on my side 

Here on my powerful

Victory sleigh !!!

Jocker played its ace 

To find another jocker ?

No ,

but only to know its true worth 

Only To find himself 

Only to become the ace 

Who is the joker?

I am the joker 

Hiding in an outfit of joker 

Tested by the life 

And moulded into an fearless ace 

Time turned ace into joker 

Only to show the world 

The clown ,the joker 

Are not his real name 

Only to show the world 


Well,I am THE REAL ACE!!

It’s all about that ATTITUDE

I know my ability
I know I can
But just indulging in the things
Which don’t even make any sense
But I have realised my fault
I have realised
I am on fault
And now I am ready for the clarity
I used to run from this
But no more
I can do anything for that victory

Before the bowl was full
And now even after pouring enough
The bowl is still empty
Seems like there is a hole
Truth is I am
Lacking confidence
No matter how many
Seeds I sow
Conquering the world
Is not a big problem
But what if
Chariot is stuck
But now
No more dependence on chariot now I will walk
As I know now
It’s all a play
Between me and my brain

There is a simple rule of life
Have the best in yourself
With you always
So that the wisdom shines back so that before you win
You actually win
And the second one
Is to apply the first
It’s not about a single victory
It’s about that big single victory
It’s all very simple
And we know it
To really achieve something
We need to really achieve it in our mind
It’s all about that one single seed
That one single seed
Known as attitude
Many of us
Were familiar with this
And remaining are familiar now
But the question is
Apart from me
Who is ready to develop it?
Afterall we know
It’s all about that

The Best Life

In the middle of it
Again and again the same questions
Why am I doing this?
Who am I?
What is the meaning of all this?
I have completed
My tenure of life
And I can say
I have lived my whole life
I couldn’t find a single reason
But I found multiple reasons
Finally understood
What is this falling and rising stuff
Falling takes away your joy
It’s difficult to be happy
When you are drowned deep in the river
But you still have some scope
When you are floating upon the river
You have to rise
Not to be back into the race
But for the sake of your enjoyment
‘life is a race ‘
This line often used to hit me hard
But this one lack truth
Life was never a race
And it will never be one
It’s just that these are the words
Of the eyes
Blind even with light
‘life is a journey
And will remain a journey always ‘
Sometimes we need motivation
We question everything
We even question our existence
But you know what
Humans are the luckiest creatures
They got a long journey
Not to run
Not to loose
Not to fall
But to enjoy
Milestones may not make us happy
But failure would surely snatch away some
Our to do list is long
But in the end we live to enjoy
We have to be best
Not to prove others
But to snatch more happiness from life
Afterall our goal is to be happy
Who said we are exposing ourselves
We are just trying to create some happiness
People often say
‘I shouldn’t have worked all my life’
Learn from there mistakes
So that when you die
People will say
‘we both have money
But I worked
And he enjoyed ‘
If you still want to in a race
Than be in the race to be happy
This is what
THE BEST LIFE looks like
When you lack motivation
Use this
To shoot you back to your
Lost life


Now I have realised
What’s the secret of success
What’s the secret of victory
What makes one to
Reach the sky
And what makes one to
Leave towards sky

Success isn’t in those 1000 hours
It’s in those 5 minutes
When we have the option
When we are left with the choice
Either to live every moment
Or to leave every moment
Even after a full day
Those 5 minutes in the dark
Can change the entire coming light
It has the power
To light up the light
That’s the power of 5 minutes
And we still have
Millions of them
That’s the wealth
Which a winner recognises

Winner is sort of improver
Winner plays the mind games
But not in mind
He isn’t the one who asks
Is this life?
He isn’t the one
Who dies every moment
And if he dies every moment  continues it in hope of life

He neither has those spark
Nor the talent
But he has belief
Belief not of surpassing everyone
But belief that he will win

His strength lies in his thoughts
He never quits
He lives his best
As he knows
Someone is always watching him
As his eyes are always open and are with him

His biggest motivation is
‘his best life ‘
He works for his best life.
He is the one
Who gets broken everytime
But starts again
With his spirits high
He is the one who falls everytime
But climbs up again
Obstacles can increase the distance
But cannot stop ants
You know it isn’t about
What motivates you?
It is about
What stops you ?

Finally, winner isn’t abnormal
Winner isn’t aloof from the world
But he is on his way
In discovering HIS WORLD
As sometimes we see things
In a way they aren’t like
Winner isn’t born
Winner isn’t made
Winner is mould
“enjoying the learning process
with his beloved hardwork
is his theory

Let’s live the moment

I cannot take this anymore
This much of worry
This much of anger
This much of mind chatter
This nuisances
No more
Either I will let them free
Or you let me free
This much pressure
Is beyond my control
But no more
I came down
Not to be a victim
So I won’t be a victim anymore
No more

I ran from this things
I feared this things
But now I am ready
Come on
This things have totally destroyed me
So come on
I have nothing to loose now
You all tried to hurt a winner
Now I will show you
Why I am called winner
This feelings
This emotions
Kill millions of champions everyday
But no more

The thing is this things are dead
They never lived
This all are just inside us
Trying to kill us deeply
But no more
If worry kills you
Just take action
If anger kills you
Start being more cheerful
Start loving even your enemies
If mind is your enemy
Stop paying attention to it
If right proves you wrong
Use the left
But don’t stop

You know all this things
Are just in our mind
Nothing exists
Don’t pay attention to them
Your mission is to enjoy
Your mission is to learn
Your mission is to live
Don’t die in every moment
Instead give birth to
Small joyful moments
Afterall these are life
Life isn’t bad
Life is very beautiful
Whenever you are hit
Just get back to your
Personal hideaway
And return
As wasting even few seconds
Is a big loss
Whose amount is unascertainable
Don’t be anxious
Don’t look for enjoyment
In some specific things
Instead look for it in
Every little thing you do
Afterall enjoying 24 hours
Is better than
Enjoying just 2-3 hours

I too can feel the fear
But the thing is
It’s just a feeling
Nothing like this exists
Feelings breed on us
They are nothing without us
So make the feelings obliged
Keep them in debt
And let them pay the interest
For the rest of their life

the question is
Is there anything to fear
If it is then even
why should I fear
If there is no fear

It’s time for us
Time to get back 
It’s time for us
To colour that fading colour
It’s time for us to smile
It’s our time
Silence in our life
Shows the world awaits
For the dawn to arrive
Rising high
Conquering the dark
And hosting the flag of light
One more time
Let’s live the life

The Real Success

We are constantly in
Search of something
Some search for fame
Some for money,
For satisfaction
For soulmate
But the truth is
This all are some
Clever lies
Actually we are in search of
a meaning
A Meaning to live
A Meaning of our life
This is what
We are  searching
The real success

We all aim for success
But some achieve it
And some don’t
Because we miss target
We miss goal
But never miss our
World’s best archer
May miss the target
But the world’s worst lion
Never misses its prey
Afterall he is
The lion
The king
Sometimes you don’t have to be
The best
But the king

But in the path
We are struck with
Innumerable problems
But this are the signs
The pieces of success
Which success himself left
Never consider any
Problem big
Because they are always tiny
Made up
only of Eight letters
Problems are never eternal
But their solutions are
Always remember
Problems are like seeds
From which grows trees

After all this things
Lies the gates of heaven
But we are never destined
To reach the heaven
But to create it
So can you see the gates?
Or are they still under construction?

Wait Before Leaving!

One of the greatest
Irony of life is
One who has it
Runs from it
Millions have got life
But thousands of them
Run from it
What should we say about the ones
“running while living
And running from living
Running from life
While carrying life
And saying I quit! ”

So what is the reason to leave
You hate life
You have lost
You had a heart break
Or just bored with it
Basically when you will leave
Your existence will also leave
You really think there is
Some sort of other world?
Well I don’t think so

If you think you have lost
Your life is disaster now
First accept it
You were the only reason
By doing so you will be on
The profit side
And I mean it
As other factors may or
May not be in your control
But you have complete control
On yourself
See now there are chances to
As changing yourself isn’t a
Big deal for the
Upcoming champion

If you think
You are again and again loosing
You will never be able to
Attain the goal
And if this is sucking your life
Then let me tell you one thing
The journey is more beautiful
Just think
Once you attain your goal
than what?
If you do not achieve it
It’s not so bad
Because the truth is
‘journey is more beautiful
Goal is just symbol of journey’
Surviving the journey
Enjoying the journey
Is more important
So be happy for the journey
Be happy as you experienced it
Don’t care about symbol
As you are smart enough
To remember it without symbol
Or if simply stating the truth
show off is not a good thing 😉

If you think you are in room
With no doors
If you think
There is no way left
But the truth is
There is a way always
‘There are ways always ‘
You can achieve everything
If you truly want it
You will find a way
As true desire itself opens way
As wants are unlimited
And resources are limited
But we are still living
If I am not wrong
We are still living happily

If you truly want to leave
Tired of the never arriving
Than go on
But you know
Every moment is the tomorrow
You are waiting
Its just that
Are you willing to make
Every moment a better tomorrow?
Am I willing to make
Every moment a better
Ask this question to yourself
You will get all your answers

Ek shaam ki dastaan

Wo shaam na jane kyu aayi
Zindagi to pehle bhi haseen hi thi
Tum na jane kyu muskuraye
Wo khoobsurat shaam
Fir tumhara aana
Fir tumhara muskurana
Dhire dhire mera Chen le jana
Iss sajish ka me shikar ho gaya
Kis ko is sajish k bare me btau
Kyuki ki ye sajish khud khuda ni bnayi thi
Ham ghayal ho gae
Na hi khoon baha
Na hi dard hua
Par tumhare us tir ne hame
Ghayal kar diya
Ham to bas muskuraate reh gaye
Aur tum apni ankho se
Mere dil me apna naam likhte reh gae
Jab hosh me aaye tab
Hamari saanse hamari na rahi
Aur na hi hamara dil hamara rha
Dhadak to wo mere sine me rha tha
Par na jane kyu dua tumhe de rha tha
Jab hosh aaya
Tab ham zinda to the
Par humne khudko maut ki goood me paaya
Zinda to ham the
Par na jane kyu aisa laga
Maut ki goood me mene jannat ko paaya
Aj mene jaan liya
Jannat to khuda ka chalava h
Kyuki mene to dharti par hi
Tumko paya h
Aj mene ek baat jaan li
Saanso ka chalna
Aur dil ka dhadakna
Inka matlab ye nhi h ki
Tum zinda ho
Bas inka matlab ye h
Tum me abhi thodi jaan baki h
Ab mje maut se dar nahi
Ab mje maut ka gam nahi
Kyu ki maut k baad
Jannat me jeena h
Aur abhi me jannat k saath jee rha hu
Ab shaam dhal chuki h
Chand ka knoor khota ja rha h
Par meri zindagi me
Aj hi knoor aaya h
Khuda ki sajish bhi yun
kamyab hui h
Mano aj zindagi par Marham lag gaya h
Aj zindagi ka khoya hua
Knoor aaya h
Aj zindagi ka khoya hua
Knoor aaya h

A Negative You

I am best in myself
But when I am living
Without it
I feel my boat to be
In between dried river
I have lost my way
Something is killing me
Something is getting me weary
Is this the time
About which everyone say
‘Keep going ‘
Is this  the time
Which is going to make
A big change in my life
I don’t know anything
The thing is
I really don’t know anything
How I was the best
And now I am one of the rest
How I used to love it
And now I question it
The peaceful state of mind
Is totally shaken
Thousands of questions
Are still rising
Today the one who crossed
The seven oceans
Is not even able to cross
Seven rivers
Now I am having only
One solution
Now I want to leave this
Now I want to quit
I want to die
But living is my hobby
I want to leave
But I hate quitting
I want to win
But it’s out of  my ability
I am capable
But currently I am not able
I want to hug victory
But my steps are towards defeat
I know all the consequences
But I have arrived so far that
I left fear far behind

I know one thing
All these together are
Mere obstacles
Getting in my way
I am in a hurdle race
I want to kick these things away
But I jumped above them
My craze to win
in reality made me
Loose today
As today there are
Again the same hurdles
The same race
And the same me
The weak me

‘work hard or be last ‘
Today I fear these words
I was never interested
In the fight
To prove myself
To be unique
Am I like a pot
Am I trying to be unique
To get sold?
Truth is
This world is a big market
And we are here on sale
We are used
But someone is already being
Moulded to take our place
So basically we are born
We are used
And we are thrown out
There is no point in living
Like a pot
Feeling as if I am a
Living pot with life
Which is dead at every end
I know one thing
Death is my desire
Living is my hobby
I want to fulfil this desire
But don’t want to leave
My hobby
My hobby of living

I feel I am used
I feel I am sold
In this vast market
Someone has taken my place
And now I am nothing
Started from nothing
Ended in nothing
Lived the whole life
Without knowing the purpose
I am leaving the theatre
With the question
Why I entered in this theatre ?

Feeling too much of negativity
Feeling as you are saying
You won’t be able to do it
Or the thing you are doing
Is useless
Well it can be useless
But not for me
Afterall it is giving happiness
To me
I know one thing
When you say
You cannot do this
Keep in mind
What goes comes back to you
If you are going to become weed in my life
Some other guy will become weed for you
If you think this is just a saying
Than try it
Say it
You cannot do it
To the one in the mirror

I tried hard but cannot be
More negative than this
I tried hard but cannot find
More problems than this
All these were efforts to prove
Even negativity is limited
Negativity is not permanent
So are negative people
Still there is time
Change the party
These were efforts to prove
We dislike even reading negative things
So how will you live
An entire negative life
Negativity neither suits in this poetry
Nor in you my friend
All these were my efforts
To bring a change
I hope all these efforts
Don’t go in vain
I hope you understand
Even share of negativity is
Leave it or else
Your share in this world
Too will be negative